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Mindy Kaling
Custom made pink skirt @salvadorperezcostumes designed! #themindyproject
Episode 308: Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman
The Book With No Pictures comes out tomorrow! Tour dates and more at
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Rude. @picturesoftext
β€œ@KeoNovak: Why would you ever need to use πŸ™€β€ if say you came home and your cat scratched up your favorite pillow
#Repost from @mindyprojectfox --- Danny better be taking this picture... Tune in Tuesday to see what goes down on an all-new episode of the #mindyproject!
All I wanted to do was place a kiss on his suprasternal notch
#Brooklyn99Premiere tonight! I'd like to think if I got arrested for murder, my pals at this precinct would let me go.
For LA women, Saturday is the day you read, catch up with family and friends, and rip unwanted hair off of places on your body
My new obsession is @HowToGetAwayABC. Thank you @petenowa and @shondarhimes! (Yes, Saturday morning at 7:30AM is when I catch up on TV)
I am the type of person that will never care when they tear down any old building and replace it with a new one
In Vince, Equipment, loving this Prada for Born Free skirt and @rochas booties #themindyproject
@ikebarinholtz @mindykaling @KeeganMKey @EW we campaigned hard for less Ike, but according to EW he wouldn't stop talking or posing for pics
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I'm obsessed with my fitbit it's the only thing I talk about, I'm so boring now
β€œ@MarissaARoss: did u kno that calories in alcohol aren't even real tho” πŸ˜›πŸ·
Me: Matthew Broderick was in "Glory"? Ike: (never more passionate): Not only was he in glory- (Pulls me in close to him) he was SENSATIONAL!
Fried eggs are the most beautiful ugly thing in the world
Hey @JordanPeele and @KeeganMKey I loved your issue of @EW. I wish there was slightly less @ikebarinholtz.
Watch all of TRANSPARENT starting today! (30 day free trial Amazon Prime)
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#tbt Election night 2012, sitting in @mcwarburton's office. Peter Pan on floor. @jeremybronson @davidstassen
I'm so high you guys
#Tbt season one "Frat Party", Pastor Casey & Tom McDougall #themindyproject
#tbt season 2 "Music Festival". @davidstassen @ikebarinholtz and me doing a last minute script thing. Likable Midwestern Writing Team.
Thanks @tvguide!! #themindyproject
In Halston Heritage and Jerome Rousseau getting nervous in Indianapolis
Just before I go on at #cnx14 @exacttarget! Very excited about my Madonna God mic
I'm making my assistant sleep in the same bed as me
#Repost from @mcwarburton --- The Mindy Project, table read #309
I will infect any place with my garbage person comedy writer lifestyle
Look at this fancy little bitch
Mindy Lahiri's office is my favorite set ever
Morgan and Tamra are so tall! @ikebarinholtz @xoshroq
All of us who are really excited about Gone Girl are called Gone Gals, is that cool to say?
A new #themindyproject starts now, west coast! Let's all tweet and watch as one. #mindymixer
β€œ@ikebarinholtz: I ACTUALLY DO SIT WHILE I PEE DON'T JUDGE ME IT'S MORE COMFORTABLE I'LL FIGHT YOU #mindymixer” I love you ike, you're weird
β€œ@ikebarinholtz: @mindykaling @Shaniaa_M_21 no that's not true, I had my fat frozen” no I had my fat frozen. But not removed. It did nothing
β€œ@KeoNovak: @mindykaling is Danny's mom like my mom? #mindymixer” your mom likes me better.... I think?
β€œ@Shaniaa_M_21: MORGAN LOOKING SO BUFF AND HOT HOW #mindymixer” he had his stomach stapled
β€œ@myhipsdontlie: Brown Orchid, someone needs to write that poem! #theMindyproject #MindyMixer” this is my favorite imaginary poem
#TheMindyProject starts now! Tweet me at #mindymixer bitches!!! No seriously though I love and respect you
Love part 2. Abby Berman & Mindy Lahiri. #themindyproject
Love & stuff @allison_tolman & Pally #themindyproject
My hilarious buddy @EdwardWeeks is on @LateLateShowCBS tonight!! Funny tall men with accents, I like it.