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Mindy Kaling
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“@jackburditt: @mindykaling And two, 2) Lang's looking good (I can legally say that b/c I don't work there right now).” Jack you're a pedo
“@jackburditt: @mindykaling So, what, Grandy couldn't give a crap? Typical.” Grandy died, Jack. It's messed up you didn't know
This photo of our writers looking at Lang's Hinge matches is our version of the Osama Bin Laden Situation Room photo
Everyone got really excited Lang's Hinge matches. We knew like all of them. 👫
I want to go to Chicago and eat until I die
I hate it, I hate this life
Don't worry,the kangaroos were there, fat and happy! Now back to NY and real work with difficult decisions.
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#TBT just found this ridiculous photo of Taylor schilling and I between set-ups at photo shoot this spring. She's so talented it hurts.
Watching documentaries is the new reading.
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I am feeling monograms right now. They're a nice blend of summer camp practicality and staple of WASP prissiness. ✅
This isn't calamari, this is obviously a spider that they fried up and served to us #writersroomdinnersurprises
Dear @twitter, the "send all" feature in drafts only exists 'cause you guys love drama, right?
Now there's a heated discussion about Super Size this. I have extremely passionate feelings about this. Can you guess what they are?
Heated discussion over the musical Rent in our writers room. My feelings are incredibly strong. Can you guess what they are
None of us had ever seen such a drab Popsicle
Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth
Excited for the excitement for my book cover! The wonderful @hayleyatkin styled it, and @EmilyShur shot it. Dream team.
Liz & me from the Fox comedy showrunners panel last night. #latergram
“@AlyssaMastro44: @mindykaling hey #3!!……” what a 🙏 list! You should be on it!
“@TomMison: @mindykaling You are my Elizabeth Bennett. #4Evs”. 😮❤️😮❤️
I control my own emotions?! The mind reels!
Ichabod is the new Darcy
@mindykaling your tastes are exactly halfway between New Money and No Money
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“@bjnovak: @mindykaling what percent are you at the miracle mile McDonald's with me” probably like 30% but shhh. 🍔🍟😔