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Joseph Ciprut
"75% of hiring departments are required to Google applicants" - @PatrickAmbron. Watch: #GALive @Brandyourself
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The situation in #Kobane is very volatile & ripe with blame-hurling.The fact is people are being massacred by Daesh!…
Why Your Startup is More Likely to Succeed if You’re Authentic and Passionate:
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Navigating the dozens of different strategy options:… So many strategies!How to choose wisely?
Here's why GIFs are back in style & bigger than ever for brands:… Seizing a fleeting moment...
The most annoying restaurant trend happening today: Waiters that just can't wait...
A9) Continuously monitor your brand's online reputation. Respond to feedback from both happy and unhappy customers/clients. #InfluencerChat
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Web Replays are here! 🎉 Just open a Periscope broadcast link in the browser & you’ll be able to rewatch within 24
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Cannes'da özlenen büyük ödüle @yristanbul ile kavuştuk:… Konsept & yarattığı sosyal değer muhteşem! #CannesLions
Subway ticket machine accepts 30 squats as its payment. Is this a #futureofwork employee wellness programs?
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If we create, we connect. If we connect, we create. Connection and creation work seamlessly together #OgilvyCannes #CannesLions
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Brand content engages US consumers:… via @WarcEditors More & faster engagement seen compared to last year
Racism is a learned behavior. It's about time South Carolina decided to remove the #ConfederateFlag from flying atop State buildings.
Cannes Lions 2015: Highlights from day one via @YouTube #CannesLions
Infographic: Which wearable tech device will win? Activity trackers or smartwatches? via @Adweek
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Maria Mujica: 'The big challenge for us as marketer leaders is: how can we prepare teams for something that we don't know?' #FutureToolkit
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Wimbledon to test #Periscope:… 'It's all about trying to show Wimbledon to a different audience' via @WarcEditors
Baba-Çocuk ilişkisi sandığımızdan da önemli!:… Her şeyden önce, çocuklar kendileriyle ilgilenen bir baba istiyorlar.
Energy follows energy. Keep the energy flowing & the cycle will progress to reach its destination. @GrantCardone
“Marketing is finding out what people actually want. Then finding a way to match what they want with what we have to sell.” - @davetrott
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A brilliant illustration of how much public space we've surrendered to cars
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Bu öneri Türkiye siyasetinde demokrasinin geleceği için yapılmış en büyük fedakarlık olarak altın harflerle yazılacak
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Markanın gücünden yararlanın:… "İşe iyi bir pazar araştırması ile başlayın." via @Hurriyet
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Very glad that the new iOS update for #periscope solved the annoying iPad bugs. The collaborative way it was launched by @a_wass was cool!!
YouTube Launches YouTube Newswire, A Channel Featuring Verified Eyewitness Videos by @sarahintampa
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Ağlayarak AlışVeriş Yapmak - böyle şaka olmaz
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In the 2015 SocialZ Verve Index digital brands dominate, but strong creative breaks through: via @Millward_Brown
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Finally! @twitter auto-play video = you can’t look away from my videos!
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How a death sentence in Egypt feeds paranoia in Turkey:
İSO 500'de lider yine TÜPRAŞ:… 2014'ün en büyük 500 şirketi açıklandı. 52 yeni firma listeye girdi. @fortuneturkiye
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Louis Vuitton and Gucci’s nightmares come true: Wealthy shoppers don't want flashy logos anymore!
Love you right back! ❤ Thank you. 🌞…a
A first look at Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan': via @TechCrunch Showing lots of promise but won't be out for a while..
Ambassadors of peace, love & prosperity @GrantCardone & @ElenaCardone en route to Prague #iamthegreatestinmyspace🔟❌
10 questions #insight managers must ask about ad effectiveness:… Crucial tips to ‘check in’ with target consumers!
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@mindthrust Totally agree! We even consider it our mission @InSites: "Bring consumers into the boardroom"…
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Market research needs to be in the boardroom: Market research has evolved to reporting to the CEO.
In a new book, Pres Gul comes out as a pro-Gezi, anti-corruption, freedom lover &anti-Erdogan candidate.What a wonderful resume for next PM!
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Entrepreneurs & investors in Turkey emboldened by election results: A booming Turkish startup scene!
After the update, many bugs appeared while using @periscopeco on an iPad, they were fixed a week later but they are back again. Frustrating!
Billionaire bunkers: Exclusive look inside the world's largest planned doomsday escape A modern day Noah’s Ark...
Smartphone thefts are way down. Here’s why: Why do you think??
Tüm partiler kırmızı çizgilerden bahsediyor.. Oysa koalisyon mavi ortak alanları saptayıp, uzlaşmaktır.. Adalet, eğitim, ekonomi, barış..
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