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Imagine taking a hiatus just for an hour, and then opening your eyes to this wonderful view... Imagine no more 😊. #falundafaunsw #coogeebeach #free2meditate #freemeditationclass #meditation #sydney #nsw #everysunday #falundafa #falungong Join us at Coogee beach every Sunday 🙆🏻 Details on FB and w
Did you know that you can learn meditation and attain peace of mind, in this busy, modern life—for free? For free. Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) is a meditation practice that emphasises the cultivation of one's heart and inner character in daily life. From, you can learn in the comfort of yo
A Disabled Vet Was Struggling When She Did Something That Moved Him to Tears… via @EpochTimes This is BEAUTIFUL
😄 selfie times with little mooshi#shesmybestfriend @zazapai @virginia.pai
We'll start #MathsWeek with a tough puzzle! Can you figure out the number of the parking space where the car is?
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On the 10-11th day already. These kids have left home from 13 countries around the world, out there riding more than 3000 miles (4828kms) to raise awareness about the most widespread (all over China in a country of 1.5 billion) and horrific genocide in modern history. They aim to rescue orphans whos
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The Foreword to Neil Postmann's "Amusing Ourselves to Death", a book written in 1985. It has been called "a twenty-first century book written in the twentieth century". It is downloadable for free as a PDF file from a quick google search. It appears to be an evergreen book; revelant—if not more so t
Thịt kho dinner 😋
21 Benefits of Owning Less. (◡‿◡*)❤ (aka great reasons to stop wanting more)… via @joshua_becker
I haven't watched TV for a whole month... and it feels good. Next will be social medias—to wind down on their use.
3,000 MILES. 30 YOUNG HEROES. 1 MISSION. I support this! Would you? Take a selfie and hashtag #RIDE2FREEDOM to...
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Inside China - June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre Part 2 of 2, via @NTDTelevision
Inside China - June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre, Part 1 of 2, via @NTDTelevision
Today is 6th June! 5 Things You Don't Know About the Tiananmen Square Massacre | via @ChinaUncensored
Why the Tiananmen Square Massacre is Called the June 4th Incident in China
A young man rests on a globe. A winged angel blows a trumpet, arousing his gaze upwards. Around the man are conglomerations of earthly vices, identifiable as those of the 7 deadly sins; including Gluttony, Lust, Covetousness, Wrath and Sloth. What are fascinating symbols are the globe and the masks.
The riders are meditating. 😊 Follow them on their journey via hashtag Ride2Freedom! Or Save5orphans. The Chinese embassy may have intercepted their letter to Xi Jinping but cannot stop them raising awareness about the slaughter and persecution in China, as they ride thru the States 😐. Go kids from
Our hearts go out to all those who lost their lives in the Yangtze River ferry disaster.…
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Can We Unlearn Social Biases While We Sleep?… via @EpochTimes
Here's a novel idea for the busy bodies: Notebook.
The Cartoon Philosopher: 13 questions with Michael Leunig | New Philosopher… via @TheNewPhil
new weblog post check out on 📒
China's one child policy creates nasty little emperors A really sad article... you're going to feel very depressed.…
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Chinese Doctors Arrested For Using Dead Cancer Patients to Get Insurance Money… via @EpochTimes #china
The Top 12 Best Foods And Antioxidants While You Are Sick With A Cold Or Flu | TruthTheory
A lazy dinner that tasted really good.
“Clear Blue Skies” - An Ode to the beauty of spring and a metaphor for a clear state of mind.…
ThAt initial freak out on first encounter with something 😏 #life #unexpected #soccer #football Drawings from Webtoons' "Smile Brush" by #waroo #smilebrush #webtoon #line
Single Mom Looking Through Trash to Survive Finds Valuable Bag. Now, All Eyes Are on Her… via @EpochTimes
When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool…
Coke a Healthy Snack? How Company Gets Its Message Out -- [aka don't buy it!]… via @EpochTimes
Cabbage-shrimp/pork soup 🍲. Penne pasta with beef. Spagbol. 🍝
Pictures of youth cyclists. Top row: Ambassador for Peru Jasmina Davis, US ambassador Kristine Feng. Bottom row: Annie Chen from USA, and Ambassador for Argentina Sara Almaraz Charras, Right: Jenny Zhi from USA. Photos taken from Ride2Freedom FB page. - - "They will sleep on the ground, cook by the
Left: Márton Baranyai from Hungary. Right top to bottom: Michael Chan from USA, Eike Opfermann from Germany. Photos from Ride2Freedom FB page. On International Children's Day 2015 June 1st, these young men and other youth cyclists from around the world will brave 45 days across 3000 miles (4828km )
ORPHAN RESCUE MISSION: Kids saving kids orphaned by the persecution in China. Top to bottom: Israeli #r2f representative Yonatan Tsuprun, Indian Global Youth Ambassador Aishwarya Sai, and German Global Youth Ambassador Laila Will. Photos from Ride2Freedom FB page. - - They and fellow youth riders fr
Read more from "Newly Crowned Miss World Canada Says Father Threatened in China" by Matthew Little of The Epoch Times. Lin advocates religious freedom and human rights. Her response to their threats is admirable. All over the world, we support you @anastasia.lin 🌏 Please spread this piece of news e
A composer from China takes the West by storm with his awardwinning music, imbued with the power of inner cultivation
Facing fierce competition with +9500 submissions from the best newspapers in the world, Epoch Taste comes winning the Society of News Design's Award of Excellence for "Best of News Design" 2015, commended for both design and food photography. Now they have an Instagram account 😊! Follow for drool-i
Love it… "What Good Shall I Do This Day?" Best question to ask yourself after rising from a slumber. Read article!
We all need this when locked out of home for having forgotten our keys.…
My most favourite article of Brain pickings <3…

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