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Paige Joyce
RTETWEE fi yuo raed tihs wihtuot a porblem baecuase yuore jsut taht Asoemwe
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Sitting at a meeting and listing men bicker #hilarious #mildlyentertaining
Parking at UofM sucks on Monday mornings #thestruggleisreal
I am so hungry!!! Where's the Pizza!!!!
I feel like this whole week is dragging on and on #TGIF #needabreak
If boredom is a place im stuck there. #imoverthisshit
AT&T you are taking way to long to send me my iPhone 6. #frustrated #thisistakingtolong #nothappy #nopatients
You know it's been a long day when you leave at 7:12 and you get home at 7:12
Time for a good class at the Barre Code #livebythebarrecode #timetopushit
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Go to the gym, End of poem.
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Downtown Ann Arbor smells really good right now.
Maisie Williams Watched "Saved By The Bell" For The First Time And Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes… via @ifyouseekjaimie
"War, the only way to peace, well I don't fall for that."
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Where to begin????
I hate when the guys make popcorn in the office. It smells like a heart attack waiting to happen. #toomuchbutter #horriblesmell #disgusted
Starbucks pit stop. I think so.
What The World Was Like When The Class Of 2018 Was Born… via @davestopera @BuzzFeed
I just took the best #ThrowbackThursday photo. I can’t wait for 20 years from now to post it. You guys, it’s gonna be great.
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We will not be closed for Columbus Day today because Columbus is in Ohio.
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I want to go back to this past weekend #backtothegrind
Love how I'm always blamed for making people behind for taking time to get ready. Hey you be a girl for a day. See it goes for you!
@girlposts: *tries to talk* *gets ignored* “you should talk more!”” #mylife #everydaydamnday
does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me
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So ready for a after work nap #IWillNeverGrowUo
Don't 'wing it': How to get your $10 Red Bull refund via @USATODAY
I'm sick of taking the hit on all these things. Going to stick up for myself and show who is really at fault.
I miss no classes on Friday in college. Because that would mean today would be my last day of work. #missingcollege #TheGrind
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