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Anthony Pacheco
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I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. Asdfgh now what
People like you are the reason I keep the good so close.
I'll watch you choke on the hearts you break.
No one can take this from me.
It feels like forever.
I got a nosebleed as soon as I walked out the door to go to the car. The universe is telling me not to go to school, mom.
Lately when I sneeze, I sneeze like seven times.
Only @Dess__tinyy would get stuck in a washer.
Studio tomorrow. Yayyy.
Update - fuck English, I'll procrastinate tomorrow.
Just slayed my history essay. Now English.
Hell is but the temple of the closed mind.
Yayyyy ACT today, so excited, omg.
It surrounds your every single move.
Doc, it's 4:20, can I leave now?
Really don't want to be here.
I can't escape this place, it's in my mind.
There's no milk. Fml.
You built me up so high.
I like yelling at my chihuahua when I'm home alone.
I always find it fascinating how a good day can change into a bad one in an instant..