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Don't paint me black when I used to be golden
I'm used to not living up to people's standards.
Stoked on life.
I'm just an option at your disposal.
I'd be an anchor but I'm scared you'd drown.
Thanks for the massage 👍@AreliGarcia444@Sabrinaa8311
I'm on top of the world with you
I'll be better than before
"My angel lie to me, and tell me I'm dreaming"
I'm a mess, an added stress, a vacant nest, glued together by memories, and you said it best.
I'll give it up the day I meet my maker face to face.
that was where my pity drowned
life's a bitch until we die
Hope this isn't a routine. First Wednesday. Then yesterday. Now today. Blows.
Now some girls in pink attire look lost as shit
Now we took two steps
Still in line
If only I had made the right choice. Then we'd both be happy right now.
Well that blows.
You've got me running in circles searching for my place.
Let's run away and leave this city.
Always thought we'd have tonight
That really fucked me up.
Great way to start my morning.
Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
So close yet so far.
Two more months.
Take me to April.
“@Dork_Rayna: @vntvisions shiiit we are fucked cx” </3
If I get called a dad again I'm gonna cry.
I was crazy to think that you'd do that for me.
I'm Anthony and I like to eat ass #thetruth
This is something worth chasing after.
"I drive perfectly fine, everyone else just sucks" - every driver on earth
Fought 12 kids to the death today at grandma's. Excellent.
I want to go skydiving, but I'm scared of re-living Drake & Josh.
Someone sent me a harry potter valentines day card that said "let me slytherin dem legs" fuk n puns
Happy Saturday.
Why can't you be what the mirror sees?
Ever heard of bleach? You should drink it sometime.
High school sucks.
What are pants?
Maybe we're just having too much fun
“@HaHaEw_: I choked on the words I never said and drowned in the thoughts I never Shared.” This
I keep tapping on pics and freak the flip out that it doesn't go back to where I was.

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