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Mike Price
Feels like I'm having to refill gas every few days now... #toomuchdriving
Too bad The Weeknd is to sexual for the radio. He has some deep ass songs. #kissland
Has Miley Cyrus uploaded any normal profile pictures? They're all so.... Yeah. #BANGERZ
Steve Aoki is over rated...
UME you guys rule!!!!!!!!!
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God... Flakers are so damn annoying.
Just want this semester to be over. So busy with all my exams and hw. #summercomefaster
Tyler the Creator is in Dallas... I heard his concerts were crazy. Should I go?
Lol at this Nae Nae dance, WOAHHH. #NaeNae
Hotel California... My new gym play list. #tyga
God idk what it is but La La La by Naughty Boy is so damn catchy. #lalala
I don't see what the big deal was about having the chipotle logo at the end Frank Ocean's video. He threw an unnecessary fit....
Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at SXSW and I decided not to go... God damn. #SXSW14
Anyone else find Ellie Goulding extremely attractive? There's just something about her... #Burn
Texas weather is back. Hot as hell in my car now. #summeriscoming
Lol... I knew Kanye had a huge ego, but it really showed in Sway's interview. Still one of my favorite artists doe. #yeezus
Laughed at how Ash hasn't gotten any older in the 17 seasons the show has been running...
Cash Cash live was amazing!! What an awesome first time at a rave for me. #EDM
Chance the Rapper is ridicously good. Keep doing yo thang.
Tyga's songs are so turnt.
Didn't realize Hugh Jackman was wolverine for 14 years... He looks basically the same lol. #mutant