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I like this pic so I'm posting it (ze repost frum Rebecca) #polaroid
me juggling shreks onions in rebeccas kitchen #onions #shrek
the fire appeared moments after turning off the camera
I get progressively uglier throughout the day
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just dropped my new single it's me i'm single
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SQQUUUAAATT (le repost from camrun) #squad #squat #squa #squid
WOO new boots #blessed #haventpostedonigforawhile #nike #coo #nottimberlandscausetheyaremainstreamandiamhipster
U know u failed a test when ya teacher gave u the paper like this
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Happy birthday mr. Worr!!!!! I remember when you were just 13 and we would rap battle and your bars would be whack but I showed you the way and you became the great rapper that you are today! 😀 I know you are officially a teenager and I know how much trouble teenagers cause so don't do drugs and st
P.O.P. , holding it down (it's really hard to get my full body in a selfie) #struggle
Mmmmmmm yes hot chocolate 🌚
Just got noods!!!!1!11@!!1 ( creds to Rebecca 4 taking this
L do at the soccer game we were winning 1-0 and then before half time the goalie on the other team was all like "bruh" and fainted and the ambulance came all over the place and took him away and Owen ( @patsplayer_75 ) wanted him to wake up so that he could be like "this goalie, I REVIVE THAT) but h
Repost from Rebecca cause th is a free country💂 #rainy
Omg congradulations guys!!!! @itskaylaxx @bamitsbecca_ @itstashaxox (yala is Kayla and Tasha is Tasha)
turtles don't get emotional like basic bitches 🐢
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Mom: “when’s the last time you cleaned your room?” me:
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