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Mike Wazowski
It ruined my computer but damn these were the good days
Retweeted by Mike Wazowski
"this summers going to be amazing" 😐
This baby a whole 7 mins old & already fed up with life
20 moments where selfies go wrong 😂😳 (#4) has me dying �
when u see ur food coming in a restaurant
When your Best Friend accuses you of hooking up with his Ex
Wedding dress: £3,600 Flowers: £500 Food: £1509 Wedding pictures that come out like this : PRICELESS
when u swimmin & suddenly touch seaweed with your toes
when you ask your mom a simple question & she yells her response
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: ◻ single ◻ in a relationship ◻ married ◻ engaged ◻ divorced ☑ waiting for a miracle
when somebody call you and they are talking to everybody in the background
When someone stands too close to bae
Boys be like: I like your ass😍 I love your boobs..!😉 But really they like this...�
I need a party like this, this summer
Don't forget to use social media to say Happy Fathers Day to your father who doesn't use social media and won't see it
when you're joking with your parents and then they turn it into a lecture
Celebrity fails, Jonah Hill nearly flashing his cock 😱�