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Mike Munro Turner
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It's vales-in-use, not espoused values, that relate to financial success. Now there's a surprise :-)
You may be making a difference to your clients BEFORE you start coaching them! Use this to help more - see
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How What You Eat Affects Your Productivity -
Make change happen by focusing on what works, not on what isn't! Use the Miracle Question - see
Decision making for leaders who recognise that the world is irrational and unpredictable
"Profits are the score, not the game." Jeffrey Hollander, when Executive Chairman of Seventh Generation
The key to successful leadership is Authentic Communication - here's how to do it! -
We may think our attempts to change aren't working - that's why knowing the stages of change is useful -
How inner dynamics can sabotage your leadership. Its not about fear of failure - but fear of success! -
Nice video (2m 18s) on why seemingly negative emotions are valuable -
We would rather give ourselves an electric shock than sit alone with our thoughts for 15 minutes! -
Mindfulness (moment to moment awareness of our internal & external experience) continues its inexorable climb
Is your organisation a place where "your deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger"? Frederick Buechner
Beautiful "First Kiss" and "First Slap" videos
Reflective Walking Can Make You A Better Leader - - Try 'Walking with Mike' -
The biggest missed opportunity in our history? How we wasted £375 Billion. Great video explains the madness -
It's official! Doing nothing is good for you and can trigger your imagination and creativity -
If you manage/coach a Narcissist, you CAN help them develop their ability to empathise, and its quite easy! -
How to say a Thank You that will have a real impact -
Contribute to short survey (<10m) into ROI & coaching - research results will be available to contributors -
If you think our money is created by the Government, read this surprising report from the Bank of England -
The Ladder of Inference, the Power of Questions, and being a "Learner" not a "Judger" -
12 hilarious vintage tobacco ads -
Enough is Enough: time to move from maximising growth to maximising people's well-being - 18 minutes -
Deliberately Developmental Organizations - does your company make you a better person?
"Let's send the Sustainable Development Consultants in!" - enjoyable 2 minute video -
Five charts that explain our children’s world - and how we've stolen from them! -
Excellent 5 min introduction to how our money system is broken - and the 3 simple changes needed to fix it!
When making choices, better to be a Satisficer rather than a Maximiser. Which are you?
One reason why you can't sleep when you've been answering emails all evening!
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Nelson Mandela describes his journey through the Levels of Leadership -
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Leadership Levels: Does your mental complexity match your job demands?
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - How we say we do one thing, do something different, and don't even notice!
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Most of what influences how and what we decide is hidden - Where is it? -
IBM Reveals 5 Innovations That Will Change Our Lives Within 5 Years - fascinating!
I just reviewed: 'Internal Coaching: The Inside Story' by Katharine St John-Brooks via @AmazonUK…
How incentives & bonuses often have the opposite effect to that intended - as with Delhi and its cobras! -
Create a sustainable business aligned with core values by using the 7 Levels of Consciousness model -
One way to prevent micro-management - give managers 30 direct reports like Google does - then managers don't have the time to meddle!
How is it that, despite being committed to change, we so often fail to make the changes we are committed to?
Do you know the difference between your Strengths, your Weaknesses, and your Learned Behaviours? See -
So the question isn't so much, 'Are you leading the right way?' as it is, 'Are you the leader you want those you lead to become?'"
OSKAR - a simple, solution-focused coaching framework for helping people make sustainable changes -
From ego-system to eco-system economies - how our ways of thinking are both the problem and the solution -
Infographic contrasting Leaders who lead by Fear and Leaders who lead by Respect -
Do you want to be happier? Every day write down 3 things you’re grateful for. It really is that simple!