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Mike Munro Turner
Mindfulness (moment to moment awareness of our internal & external experience) continues its inexorable climb
Is your organisation a place where "your deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger"? Frederick Buechner
Beautiful "First Kiss" and "First Slap" videos
Reflective Walking Can Make You A Better Leader - - Try 'Walking with Mike' -
The biggest missed opportunity in our history? How we wasted £375 Billion. Great video explains the madness -
It's official! Doing nothing is good for you and can trigger your imagination and creativity -
If you manage/coach a Narcissist, you CAN help them develop their ability to empathise, and its quite easy! -
How to say a Thank You that will have a real impact -
Contribute to short survey (<10m) into ROI & coaching - research results will be available to contributors -
If you think our money is created by the Government, read this surprising report from the Bank of England -
The Ladder of Inference, the Power of Questions, and being a "Learner" not a "Judger" -
12 hilarious vintage tobacco ads -
Enough is Enough: time to move from maximising growth to maximising people's well-being - 18 minutes -
Deliberately Developmental Organizations - does your company make you a better person?
"Let's send the Sustainable Development Consultants in!" - enjoyable 2 minute video -
Five charts that explain our children’s world - and how we've stolen from them! -
Excellent 5 min introduction to how our money system is broken - and the 3 simple changes needed to fix it!
When making choices, better to be a Satisficer rather than a Maximiser. Which are you?
One reason why you can't sleep when you've been answering emails all evening!
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Nelson Mandela describes his journey through the Levels of Leadership -
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Leadership Levels: Does your mental complexity match your job demands?
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - How we say we do one thing, do something different, and don't even notice!
Mike the Mentor's new newsletter - Most of what influences how and what we decide is hidden - Where is it? -
IBM Reveals 5 Innovations That Will Change Our Lives Within 5 Years - fascinating!
I just reviewed: 'Internal Coaching: The Inside Story' by Katharine St John-Brooks via @AmazonUK…