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Mike Shinoda
Took this selfie last night on the barricade. Thanks Houston! #CarnivoresTour
Part of me wants to fill your timelines with Pokemon updates all night.
What @annashinoda and I are doing right now. Not even halfway kidding. #Pokemon #carnivorestour
If you haven't watched the episode of "Ask Brad", your life is incomplete. Link is in my Instagram profile. #LinkinLog
That was fun. Gotta go. But for now, everyone GO WATCH THIS:
@mikeshinoda just wanted to say thanks for drawing my tattoo at the summit in ny came out great!
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I'm sweaty. What else do you expect me to do. I change clothes in the car after the show sometimes. (Not driving, FYI)
.@AlfarisyFadhlan Probably shouldn't say this, but I'm sitting in my underwear in a car with Chester.
.@ramsedo @phoenixlp No! I can't wait to see how it pans out.
.@xlarisaa the next @chideo is definitely our best one yet.
.@Soldier_Gomez I've played piano since I was 3 years old
As requested, post show selfie, Chicago. #carnivorestour
.@linodah I always download a bunch of new shows for traveling. Right now: Silicon Valley @HBO
.@unicornshelix It's usually pretty enjoyable overall. Sometimes hard work getting the songs right, but they usually get there in the end
. @sincerely_steff thanks! I'm enjoying making them. I'll try to keep it up.
.@tbay_beach Favorite moment: when I gave the mic to the guy in the crowd who knew the rap lyrics to Faint
Wow Chicago, that was a fun one. Little post-show Q&A, anyone? #CarnivoresTour
#tbt - During Minutes To Midnight recording, this happened.
We can confirm, Snoopy IS a dog. 🐶
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But also, kind of as awesome as finding out Samus Aran is not a boy.
I just got off stage to find out that Hello Kitty is not a cat. This is worse than finding out Pluto is not a planet.
Everything you know is a lie because Hello Kitty apparently isn't even a cat
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Here's what happens when you inform the world that Hello Kitty is not a cat
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.@ChesterBe and @phoenixlp having an off-stage dance party during Rob's drum solo, only on Chideo:
Post show fireworks tonight #carnivorestour
Hi St. Paul, I'm ready to play a show. #CarnivoresTour
.@MrJoeHahn and the MFR ApplePancakeChallenge
Warning: this video may be unsuitable for people sensitive to excitement. Watch and donate (at your own risk)!
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YOU GUYS. The next episode of #LinkinLog is going to be called "ask Brad." Tweet questions now, and see them answered this Friday.
Each night, I look forward to the things that make the show memorable & unique. Sometimes it's throwing a different rap verse here or there ("Reading My Eyes" over "Bleed It Out" the other night), sometimes it's finding fans in the crowd (shout out to the dude in the purple bear costume a couple sho
A couple shows ago, I turned a corner and found Davey from @afireinside trapped in the venue bathroom. Conspiracy? #carnivorestour
Thank you Montreal! #CarnivoresTour
Just caught the @foofighters @HBO trailer. Admirably ambitious. Looking forward to checking it out. What do you guys think?
#GuiltyAllTheSame #CarnivoresTour