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Mike Mo Capaldi
I should be a goth for Halloween huh?
"Have you seen shredder? She snuck out of the house like a B.I.T.C.H.... Wait that wasn't today.. Nevermind, I let her outside." -my mom
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#tbt filming for Prettysweet. Love these dudes!! @jeronwilson @furrycalamari @chicobrenes
@dontasma is denitely in the running for the @AdobeStudents & @GirlSkateboards Graphic Contest. Tag your work on @Behance with #madethis and #girlskateboards to be considered. Must be a student to enter.
Knee injuries are not coo
So I thank you all for being so coo
I know you all really give a shit about what I think is coo
Ok ok I take it back. Kid rock is coo.... Only when he's an American badass. Then he's super coo
People with missing teeth are coo
Sausage egg mcmuffin is coo
To all my Batbitch baes out there... You know how to reach me. It will be coo
scarlett johansson's nudes are coo
Oh sup wit it? Oh dats coo
Late night tweeting is coo
I really like going to the movie theater cause popcorn is coo
Robert Downey Jr. Is coo
@GarrettHill: Save a ledge, ride a skateboarder” #ibackit
Shout out to my bae you know who you are 😘😘
Which Bae wants to come watch Inception with me
Mario is bae. Check my default
Amanda Bynes = BAE
I love you and all your problems @amandabynes let's get married. You my bae 💍💁
I thought I did a pretty good job on Twitter last night. #thenirealized @amandabynes is fuckin crazy. #ibackit
I'm bae hehehehehehe
@iicaruss: @_Mikemo”. This guy is a genius hahahaha I'm BAE hehehehehe
One more thing. I must know. Where the hell did this bae shit come from anyways???
Say goodnight back BAE!!!!!!!!!
I mean, goodnight bae. Luv n smooches see ya on the counter top at Wendy's covered with dat Choco frosty. #makessenseright?
Unfollow me. I dare you! #thenirealized no wait please don't. Come back!!
This is so cool, so much good response to this tweet rant. I'd like to thank my mentor @ChuckTheSailor for the inspiration
I wonder how many followers I lost tonight. #ibackit
I was a girls MCM. Then I hated on the beebs and now I'm never going to be her MCM again. #ibackit
Jk beebs jk. You da bae n you know it
Justin Bieber is really just swag. sw makes an F sound, right?
I just feel so.... So..... SWAG. You know?
Me hungry, I want peetzaa
I'm not going to sleep until you follow @BigHenDawg... All you guys with your notifications ON, SORRY!!! Sometimes shit is 0%awesome
YOLOSWAGBAEBRUH is dat new new
Well you know what Twitter. You're 0% awesome!!!! Yeah, I got you there!!!!