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Michael Davies
Thank you @jamspencer! And thanks so much for your thoughts, I'm away this week so I'll have some time to think on it :)
Happy Birthday @AlexMuench! & for everyone else, this is definitely worth checking out @short_app :)
I just uploaded "18thursday" to Vimeo:
Hey, no worries @casualmess! Thanks for your great question & thank you I'm very pleased, I hope you're really successful too! :)
Guys, @_MichaelJDavies made a video to answer my question about choosing video platforms, you can check it out here…
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If you missed yesterday's vlog here it is -… - I answered a great question from @casualmess
Good luck guys! Really hope you get the results you're after! :)
What's been the best web article you've read today/this week/this month? I'm really interested to know!
What web article are you reading right now? I've been reading some really interesting things today :)
I'd also really love to hear your thoughts on my vlogs. Shoot me a tweet or take the challenge I set on my about page
For subscribers, as well, don't forget to check your inboxes for the heartfelt newsletter I sent out to make up for last weekend!
Hey guys, so I'm back to vlogging this week, catch my first two videos:…… Happy Tuesday! :)
Also did this super quick condensed style piece. I'm really loving playing around with this little minimalistic, rounded style but I think I need to take my own advise and "Challenge Myself"
I did some more lettering today - After digitising my "adventure" yesterday I really wanted to do some more. I found kerning the script style like this quite a challenge. Any thoughts? :)
Had a little more success with Starbucks whilst in Paris! ☕️
I digitised the lettering I drew whilst away in Paris and used an out of focus image I took of Big Ben whilst in London to create this memorial of my summer :)
Just uploading today's vlog! Great to be back. Check it out later at
Cut the 'Ums,' Uhs,' and 'Literallys' when speaking ~ ~ I'll definitely consider these in my vlogging & general life