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Mike Karpenko
Great thing about training hard- appetite is sky high.. Bad thing so is my food bill! #starving #allthetime
thx RT @SexyFitVegan @MikeKarpenko well done-especially on a funky hump day!
and I just called today hump day... post workout stupidity and shows how busy I am. #whatdayisit
haha hard not too, to know her is to love & fear her! :) RT @catoncho @MikeKarpenko @SexyFitVegan nice one mike but I'll cheer Ella hehehe
15min run @SexyFitVegan 25plank up downs 5 sets 25DB Bentover Row 2deep squats 5sets 5pullups 10pushups 25deep squats 25burpies 15min run
Hump day.... Really feeling it today- got in my run just had lunch w/a friend from DC now off to sweat @SexyFitVegan
Walking the morning after having work done on my ankles, shin splints & calf muscles is tough! TIGHT! The slant board was one of the BEST investments for people who have foot pain, hip pain, ankle mobility struggles. They are anywhere from $60-100. I use it every morning for about 5 mins and then
All about @MieshaTate Good luck in your fight- Even though you don't need it! :)
just had 60mind wof work done on my shins, ankles and calf muscles. #brutal but feeling great! FOOD TIME!
It’s funny to watch people race to work like nutballs, do u think they race to the gym, to their kids, gf/bf, #doubtit #priorities
Raw organic juice from #kreationjuice yum! @sxyfitvegan #plantpower #organic #raw #juice #nutrition #vegan #montanaave
Things you don’t hear out of a guys mouth often but I just said “ wow my butt really fills out these jeans” Guess training is working haha
Awwww @SexyFitVegan you are the cutest healthiest person ever! Just finished back, posture and core session! Juice pic to come! East vs West
Hardest part of wearing compression socks- getting them off after legs day. Close 2nd is getting them on for legs day #dang #legsday
Legs day @SexyFitVegan 15m jog 3sets x15 Barbell walking lunges Barbell rev lunges Single leg RDLs -Deep squat pause at bottom 15min jog
know what you are drinking beer drinkers… #beer
My thoughts are on the citizens and soil of the USA (#BostonStrong ) & England- #FACup…
My thoughts are on the citizens and soil of the USA (Boston) & England. Disaster & tragedy struck on this date where innocent people who loved and supported family, friends, athletes and sport. My heart goes out to those we lost, to the families and friends that lost loved ones- I honor you and I
Morning run 3miles @sxyfitvegan thank you! Making sweat happen! Real life no production team. This is me #nofluff Accountable to all of you! Dialing in. #plantpoqer #performance #run #santamonica #
out the door! 3mile beach run! Good morning @SexyFitVegan