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Mike Hostetler
The One Method to Eliminate Bad Tech Hires
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Mike McNeil on Sails.js, Treeline and the future of programming
OH BOY!!!!!! thank you since I think a lot of you who are reading this are directly responsible for this :) :) :)…
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TONIGHT! I'm talking and signing books at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Bay Area friends, please RT!…
Retweeted by Mike Hostetler Build a To-Do App Using Sails.js and AngularJS
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Learning Sails.js? then check out this post introducing Sails.
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Pope Francis Smacks Churches: "If You Don't Help the Poor and Needy, then Pay Taxes Like a Business"
Trump is a political Growth Hacker: Agree or Disagree? #growthhacking #NoJudgement #DoesItEvenMatter
June just got some great press from WGN Radio and Tomorrow's Business Today plus this outstanding quote. Please...
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Gorgeous day sailing with the Table XI crew on Lake Michigan!
Great day sailing with the @tablexi crew!
.@HeWhoFreeks It’s pretty cool, there’s scientific studies to prove it works, if you’re in Chicago & want to meet Jane on 9/30, LMK
This book is out today and if you enjoy advice on dealing with anxiety and depression through gaming get it!…
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Couldn't be more proud to announce that SuperBetter has reached a major milestone today, Jane's new book is now...
Learned Snapchat requires 30 days to recover an inactive account due to “purging data” #fail #GoCyberdust /cc @mcuban
If your reality is broken 'SuperBetter' can fix it
Now THAT’s what I call a fair and helpful review of @avantgame’s SuperBetter —…
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So excited for the team at @HelloBric! They're off to a great start! #investor /cc @tablexi
Thanks everyone who came to the Chicago HTML5 meetup last night, here’s the link to the slides:
Congrats to all my friends at StrongLoop!
Attempting to melt servers has never been more fun! Check out - #loadtesting
"Shallow men believe in luck or circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
IamA (Startup CEO) who launched a platform to change how people get hired AMA! • /r/IAmA
It’s Time to Think Like a Gamer
SuperBetter: Jane McGonigal at 1871 Chicago
“Money is a side effect of trying to help others. Trying to solve problems…” — @jaltucher…
June - Get Paid to Speak to Recruiters
Are you the hero of your own story? You should be! The brilliant @nilofer reviews #Superbetter
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June is now accepting applications to join their community. Get paid to speak with the best recruiters in the world!
Curious about Sails.js? @mikehostetler will walk you through getting up and running. #NodeJS #CHIHTML5
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Yep, Vogue magazine wants you to get #SuperBetter. I do too. And Beyonce.
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Yesterday Keith Wakeman, CEO of @SuperBetter, taught me more about the company's app to reduce depression and anxiety
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Even more evidence that you should have Tetris on your phone. When does Alexey Pajtinov get his Nobel prize?…
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A reminder: I'm giving away a ton of cool prizes if you pre-order my book. Literally everyone wins at least 3 prizes!…
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Bonus points to anyone who spots the problem in my little boyfriend coding test :-)
Instead of a shotgun in front of my daughters date, they must code: “Solve this breadth first tree traversal in O(1) time or LEAVE” #CS-Dad
Flash Poll, Windows 10 Home or Pro for running in Parallels on a Mac?
The SuperBetter book is coming! Pre-order now to get 3 great rewards + chances for BIG prizes!…
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