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Mike Hostetler
Live Gamefully! Download the free @SuperBetter app today. Increase mental #resilience. Tackle real life challenges.
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We are live @rubyconf. See @noelrap for Table XI stickers. Enjoy the conference.
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One Chicago business gets a new, blue refresh on tonight's episode of @TheProfitCNBC
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.@RentLikeAChamp CEO Mike Doyle is doing a Reddit AMA tonight to talk about the deal with @sacca & @mcuban
We're hosting a @reddit_AMA in one hour! CEO Mike Doyle got a deal on @ABCSharkTank from @sacca & @mcuban, & now he's taking on Airbnb!
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70% of emails are read first on mobile. Most emails are read only on mobile. @tim_ash #contentjam
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Our CEO, Mike Doyle is hosting an AMA on Reddit this Thursday 11/5 at 8pm ET. Ask about his #SharkTank experience with @sacca and @mcuban
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I just love this city, so beautiful! Always a great morning working with great people pushing #ChicagoTech forward!
.@sweetlew We had a great experience with @newrelic and @ServerCentral, match made in heaven for our infrastructure! #SharkTank
Mountain Time zone tops out at 600 active users #disappointed #SharkTank @rentlikeachampion /cc @mcuban @sacca
Traffic settled to 600 active users, we’ll see what the Mountain Timezone can bring #SharkTank @RentLikeAChamp
Round #2 is coming in 15 minutes, pushing the @RentLikeAChamp Hamsters back onto their wheels … #SharkTank #ChicagoTech #TimeZones
Proud to be the newest member of the @RentLikeAChamp team. These guys have great hustle and the business is on fire! #SharkTank
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Time to celebrate! Zero downtime with 8000 simultaneous users, 60% mobile traffic, on Shark Tank tonight. The...
Big thanks to so many @ServerCentral @EvanRuffini, @tkibilin and many more I forgot to mention
@sacca @mcuban @RentLikeAChamp Honestly my favorite deal in the history of the show. Great deal.
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.@newrelic is still reporting 100% uptime across 8000 users, with great response times #WINNING /cc @mcuban @sacca @RentLikeAChamp
And with that, users STILL CLIMBING! It’s going nuts, almost 8000 users now … #SharkTank
5000 active users and STILL climbing, 57% of that is mobile traffic, amazing @RentLikeAChamp #SharkTank
Just crossed 3000 active users and climbing … guess what? Ruby on Rails actually CAN SCALE? #WhoKnew #SharkTank @RentLikeAChamp
Site is adding almost 50 users a SECOND #SharkTank @RentLikeAChamp
Green across the board, just climbed to 1200 active users in 5 seconds … #SharkTank @RentLikeAChamp
And we’re off, 200 people and climbing ...
Have any companies live-tweeted their tech on Shark Tank yet? @mcuban @sacca @kevinolearytv @robertherjavec @BarbaraCorcoran
First error, box #14 just hit errors due to broken Varnish cache, brought it back up and it’s back! Thanks Evan at @ServerCentral
Added @pingdom monitoring to see if it catches any hint of downtime when we’re on air tonight /cc @RentLikeAChamp #SharkTank
Load testing to keep the servers warm with 10,000 active/clients/second pre-show #SharkTankTech /cc @RentLikeAChamp @ServerCentral
T-minus 90 minutes till show time! Getting settled at the watch party here in River North, servers all are primed and ready #SharkTank
Our dev team spans the globe at @RentLikeAChamp, it includes @reuvenmlerner @trevanhetzel and Genadi Reznichenko
We’ll be gathering analytics through Google Analytics, New Relic and Logic Monitor across our server farm tonight #SharkTank @RentLikeAChamp
Pushed the final code deploy in prep for the #SharkTank firehose tonight #ChicagoTech @RentLikeAChamp
See if any sharks invest like champs tonight on @ABCSharkTank! We've been hard at work to make @RentLikeAChamp site perform like a champ :)
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And just like that, our infrastructure partner @ServerCentral just spun up 8 more boxes. They’ve been an amazing partner for us! #Sharktank
SNEAK PEEK - Rent Like A Champion - Shark Tank Pitch // RLAC's sneak peek video is up! Check it out!
Our pitch is out! Check out the teaser video on our FB page. Tune in to see how it unfolds! #SharkTank…
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We’re now running on a cluster of 26 servers, plus load balancer, plus CDN for tonights show. #MegaScale #SharkTank #ChicagoTech
Our tech stack is pretty simple, Ruby on Rails + MySQL, dedicated web server, dedicated db server #SharkTank #ChicagoTech
I’ll be live-tweeting tech-related updates during #SharkTank tonight, @RentLikeAChamp will be the first pitch! Go #ChicagoTech!
Starting to add severs to our production cluster for tonight’s #SharkTank episode #ChiTech
Shark Tank is happening tonight! - I’ll be live-tweeting starting at 7pm about our tech stack, #ChicagoTechFTW
It was great to meet @TravisWebbUSA at last night's meetup @JavaScriptMN where there was a great open discussion on @sailsjs.
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