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Mike Hostetler
.@dberkholz Thankfully, someone called @hugs when the s$!t hit the fan /cc @GregElin
RT @resetdesigns: Celebrity Cruises Responsive Website Redesign #RWD #WebDev #WebDesign // Done by @appendTo!
.@derickbailey Exhaustion? Work Life balance is hard man, I feel ya
.@angelinamagnum LXjs is always a leader in that, they rock! /cc @lxjs @supersole
.@codylindley Agree, surfacing this knowledge is now the problem, not the existence of the tools in the first place
Speaker Spotlight: Jonathan Creamer (@jcreamer898) will be speaking on August 7th @ 10AM CDT.
Retweeted by Mike Hostetler launches a redesign // Looks Great! #bower
Best practices in modern web projects // Great stuff here #modernWeb
Humbled to keynote the excellent @devLink this year next to the AMAZING @SaraJChipps August 27th in Chattanooga, TN
Introducing Ampersand.js #JavaScript #Framework // Looks great!
I have two random notes scribbled down from my recent conversation with @pjrvs: “Work like you’re on vacation” and “Cocaine"
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.@adambrault Loving what you guys are doing, keep up the great work! /cc @andyet @lukekarrys
Win Buffer Awesome Plan for Life (worth $6,000!)… via @AppSumo /cc @noahkagan
You can never have too much #DubStep /cc @Skrillex
Easier Angular Directives with Mozilla's SweetJS #angularJS #SweetJS #JavaScript
Here you go, @Jay_Lancast. I made it to hang over my desk (where I do most of my lane-checking).
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Creating Particles in HTML5 Canvas #html5 #canvas
You're invited to attend appendTo's Modern Web Conference 2014!:
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A detailed walkthrough by @donovanh showing how to create and animate particles in HTML5 canvas.…
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Hey - guess who is speaking at Modern Web Conf ( Hint - he has a scary B&W picture on the speakers list...
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Speaker Spotlight: Elijah Manor (@elijahmanor) will be speaking on August 7th @ 3PM CDT.
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OH: “Friend's don't let friends CoffeeScript”
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LESS vs Sass? No longer any question, it’s time to switch to Sass #CSS #LESS #SASS
.@tonyheadrick They must be attracted to her _AWESOME_ /cc @Amy_B
Using Node.js in Production | Flippin' Awesome
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I'll be speaking at the online Modern Web Conference on Aug 6-7 hosted by @appendTo
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After only using vanilla JS the past three weeks, I've never appreciated jQuery more.
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Parallax UI for PhoneGap and Mobile Web Apps #PhoneGap #Mobile #Parallax
Fast.js - Faster user-land reimplementations for several common builtin native JavaScript functions. #JavaScript
...all I need is a paperclip, a chewing gum wrapper, and a fruit cake... @tonyheadrick <= (the man, the artist)
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A detailed walkthrough and list of best practices by @dickeyxxx for setting up and running Node.js in production.
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RT @ModernWebConf: Modern Web Conference is an online conference for front-end developers happening on August 6 - 7,…
Modern Web Conference is an online conference for front-end developers happening on August 6 - 7, 2014. Register at
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.@MEHildenbrand Wow, I don’t know whether that’s awesome or sad because that song it too popular /cc @dougneiner
Creativity is a result of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow you to be a problem-solver.
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85% of the world's population makes less than $200 a month. Bill Gates makes $290 per second.
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Like Cruises AND Responsive Web Design? Check out @appendTo's work on the new Celebrity Cruises website! #RWD
#FF @aaronbushnell & @tbwiii Two rockstar #frontend devs that I get the get pleasure of working with every day!
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Had a great convo w/ @ryexley about building personal brands in the dev community. Came away w/ a starting goal: 5 original #css tweets/day
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Looking to build that next awesome web, mobile or responsive app? has your back!
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Learn how the viewport and viewBox work when creating SVG artwork in the browser from @JoniTrythall.
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Celebrity Cruises Responsive Website Redesign by @appendTo #RWD #CaseStudy
Just installed @CyberDustApp and I'm impressed! @mcuban knows how to pick great companies! username: mikehostetler