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Mike Sheppard
Umm what? 😳 150s for 6 on incline? 👍💪✔️
Stay strong bro. 💪
Miss you butthead 😘
Finally hit one of my three New Years resolution goals! 365 flat bench 💪.
Thanks to @josephpircher for motivating me not to be a little bitch and hit this PR, 455 for 2 💪.
Plain tilapia and jasmine rice 😍
Can't even express how I feel everytime I open my mailbox and see one of these 😍
We're beautiful, I know 💁. My woman crush everyday 😍 #wcw
The arm pump was real 💪
Yes.......this is me 😐
Since this is the last one you'll see I thought it'd be funny. #wcw 😍
Not only is this girl my girlfriend, she is my best friend, my inspiration, and the absolute love of my life. I've never met someone that makes me as happy as she does, even from the first time we met I could instantly tell we had a connection. The past two and a half months have put me in the happi
I barley even train calves 😂
Sunburn at it's finest 😂
Words don't describe how happy she makes me.
My beautiful girlfriend 😍
Smacking these 140s around like they're nothing 🙊🙈
My cats are endless entertainment 😂😭😂
Destroying 130s on incline bench press 😱
This is basically the story of my life.
Chegg with the bae 😍
I seriously have the best girlfriend in the world ❤️