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Michael Cira

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@WGRZ police chase car ends in crash, car on fire. Fire on scene. Packard and Lockport Roads in Niagara.
@simcoecounty send picture of an authoirized container for trash the one I have been using for 5 years is wrong
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thanks @simcoecounty for the new trash collectors seeing a neighborhood full of nonpicked up trash is great. Lazy
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@VictorSmalley That is SO true!! I'm saving that for my girlfriend and I. This is my favorite tweet of the week!
@MotorTrend @Dodge It looks like a fucking Dart now!!! I wouldn't trade my 11 R/T R&T for the 15. #disappointed
Dear Winter. Kindly FUCK OFF! Thank you. Love Mike 👿
@PrevalWGRZ I think you got hacked!
Hello 2014! This is gonna be a great year!!
@1041TheDock. If you're taking requests tonight can you play Kentucky Woman for me? Happy New Years!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! And a crazy Black Friday!!
@CP24 House Fire at 27 Whitewood.
@680News House Fire at 27 Whitewood.
@ArianaGrande Every time I hear the song Criminal on Lithium (Sirius XM) I crank it to the point of my windows exploding.
Now that Alabama won again I downloaded season 1 of Mad Men and just finished the first episode. #hooked!
@Gumballer91 Life is great!! Hope all is well with you!
#BBM for #Android and #iPhone available for download at! Add me #pin 79A8C341!
@WGRZ Do you guys have any idea what was going on between Lewiston and Ramsomville? Sounded like world war 3!
@MegMittelstadt You're welcome! And ya!! There better be a second season of #cheerperfection LOL!
@MegMittelstadt it is a continuation of season 1 of #CheerPerfection. I just asked Michelle.
@Ctrmommichelle Thank you Michelle. I thought so. Hope to see y'all for another season!
@Ctrmommichelle Hey Michelle, is this still season 1 of #CheerPerfection or is this season 2?
@MegMittelstadt @CambreeCTR Yeah I know! It says season 2 everywhere online. Whatever season it is I hope they renew it! Should know soon.
@MegMittelstadt @CambreeCTR The last 8 episodes are supposed to be an extension of season 1. I can't remember what cast member told me that.
@CambreeCTR Will there be a season 2?
@Big_Morry @TruckerTweet If there is a 15 to 20% correction I stand to lose a LOT of money! Lol!
@BAM__MARGERA Do you even know how damn COLD it is in Edmonton in December!? Lol!
If anyone has #instagram follow me, my username is mike445
I have a new home page here - check me out!
Just made a killer rack of ribs marinated with @Rendezvous_Ribs famous dry rub and boasted with their delicious sauce! Best food ever!!!!
@TruckerTweet If it's not boom I'm pulling every last cent out of the stock market!! I'll tell you that damn much!
I honestly can't wait until @TalladegaSuperS later this month!! This will be the last one I watch on TV. After a 2 year hiatus I'll be back!
@toddschnitt How the HELL dord this even happen!!! Lol!!
@Shmee150 Oh Lord. I wonder how long before a light pole takes delivery of Bieber and the Ferrari.
Tide remains at the top of both the AP and USA TODAY Coaches polls after yesterday's 25-0 win over Ole Miss. #RollTide #BuiltByBama
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@mollyizell Ahhh! I miss you too Molly!! We had good times! Sure hope to see you soon.
Isabella at The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence New York. #photo #photos #pic #pics
@TruckerTweet FYI The anniversary of Elvis' death was on August 16. It's been 36 years. The vigil at Graceland was Thursday night.
Lunch!!!! Best place ever! (@ The Rendezvous Restaurant 52 S. Second Street)
Watching Alex in the Images of the King finals. I'll post results when it's all done. (@ New Daisy Theatre)
Karaoke night with Joey Trites. Alex is singing. Kasee and I are observing...and drinking. ;)
Images of the King show watching Cody Slaughter. (@ New Daisy Theatre)
Fried Chicken!! Woo! Best in Memphis. (@ Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken)