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mike moulton
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I bet my butt looks like this I got two decent groups in this diaper
Baby just went outside to get his mail and had a poopy and a peepee it was a bitch boo boo
baby made him some dessert for being such a good baby going poo poo and pee pee in his diaper
Well it's time to wake and bake and I am super wet and poopy
Well at least baby is wet now I wish I would have never took off my e key poopy wet diaper this morning I felt so good
well baby its just a little wet but he hates being dry and clean
Well I think I'm going to have to pee again and if I don't change my diaper before I pee again I have to stay in it for two more (1/2)
hours my rules who thinks I should change (2/2)
when I woke up I started to pee this diaper is dirty a ride down my leg guess what I did I still have the tub and Peeta and then put (1/2)
Do you think babies in a poopy wet diaper it feels wonderful who's going to step up and the man that I go change his diaper before (1/2)
I get diaper rash I have baby I don't know how to change my diaper (2/2)
I have now wet myself 8 X and I got a big mess
Well baby came home. Did 6 pee . In my diaper then come in houses & DID A nice bo bo now that should get me a good baby
girlfriend first real date on the 25 . (2/2)
Got the next 2 days off I will be a very very mass & soaked by midnight I need good baby please. .I hope she will be my (1/2)
Well 4 big PEE WILL HAVE 5 AFTER LUNCH & 6 before 2 & A BIG BIG POOP AFTER 3
well baby didn't hit his goal is six yesterday so he's trying to go for 6 pee Today already wet (cont)
Baby has wet his diaper 4 time's goal is 6 be for 3
Well guess what baby did it again he came home and pooped his diaper I just can't say clean yay
Do I poo my diaper at or what tell I get home
Have to go home and clean house so I guess I'll go home and clean house in my wet poopy diaper and (cont)
4 big pees & soon a poo looks like the. Womens pull up is doing its job .is I a good baby☺😇
Well babies wet before work again I can't remember last time I did not have a wet diaper before I clocked in
Baby went to Goodwill yesterday and bought some women pull ups to put under his diaper he's wearing (cont)
Well baby's diaper times 2 and wet times 2
I is a very good baby 4 big pees in my diaper at work and did not leak
I thought this made my picture of my poopy diaper the cool
I love all the retweets but I need good babies for right on diapers that's the deal
I've put a third diaper over that and it's already soaked
well baby is in a super wet messy diaper
Never Forget - #Remember911 - Let us all remember the innocent victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks
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My diapers wet poop pee I gotta go buy some diapers so I can put this one some more I'm going to the store in my diaper (1/1)
I just want to say thank you to all the Armed Forces out there
Old pictures just making sure this works
Well baby's got a new phone working I love the rain last night I went out played the big bus mud (cont)
adult baby looking for a mommy
Be yourself. Be anonymous. Be anyone. Ask me anything and I’ll answer.
Who likes my bath pictures I'll send a couple more I tried to send 5 at a time and it wouldn't let (cont)
Baby had to take a bath and get out of his nasty poopy diaper here's some pictures of baby taking a bath I need good babies if you (1/2)
Baby gets his new phone today
Well good morning everyone babies still in his poopy underwear into diapers
Sitting here in my wet and poopy diaper feeling bubbles on my butt growing up my balls
Just so you know it was a marshmallow poop poop 6 marshmallows up my butt the marshmallows came out (cont)