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mike moulton
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Will babies wetter than what he was an hour ago I'm higher to and now that I have eat. I just can't (cont)
Me A eKEY poo poo soaked baby
I think I have a little bit of an accident leaked but I was on my way home so it's okay no saw me my wet pants (1/1)
Hey I haven't had any good babies for at least 3 or 4 days how about a good baby I'm soaked
Diaper is soaked I know my first diaper pant is wet but I'm not leaked yet I'll just go home and put on a 5 diaper
Baby has a very very very wet diapers on haven't pooped yet but I'm hoping to before work is over
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the underwear the cloth diaper into disposable diapers is what I have on today I plan on being a very wet and messy baby by midnight (1/2)
Well baby's got number P 6 or 7 in his diaper and he's got to go poopy here pretty soon I'm going (cont)
Well I'm glad I put two diapers on this morning I got 3 big pee in my paper already I hope I don't (cont)
My diaper is warm now I just went pee pee for the 4th time
Do you you think I have enough no but I ain't got no more money
babys phone is brock so have to talk on lab top baby is very very wet & massy
So who sings baby's got a dirty diaper
At the miracle ride banqueting a very wet diaper
baby how about some encouragement to poop my diaper (2/2)
William is so super high in super soaked I'm just wait for that big old poop to get my diaper and then I'll be super super happy (1/2)
baby just woke up and reel wet my diaper and now I am soaked but I'm not changing
I'm sitting there in my chair and my bottoms suddenly got warm what's wrong did I do something
Well baby that is very very nasty poopy diaper I got a very irritated but so I'm letting my body parts air out
Can anyone guess what I just did well I'll tell you number 11 and it was big big
two more pieces in that diaper since I took this picture
Why doesn't anyone want to talk to me I stink but you can't smell me I got 10 big pee pees in my diaper
I knew someone would retweet it but they only did the last part but one good baby today
I'm Jim Beam alcohol (2/2)
That was number 10 I only have 20 more to go to reach my goal for the day who thinks I can do it I'm getting ready to take a shot (1/2)
hell when hell of a f****** orgasm tonight (2/2)
here's three pictures I wet my diaper 9 X and I got a decent decent poop and I probably won't change till tomorrow I'm hoping the (1/2)
Well baby met his goal of 8 big peas at work big pees
going to have some more poop in there too so am ia good baby or what (2/2)
number 6 & 7 P's in my diaper and it feels so good and I have not leaked yet I gotta feeling I'm going to tonight and I know I'm (1/2)
work& 30 FOR THEORY HOLE DAY (2/2)
5 big pees & a small poo at work but I am so diapered you can't smell it will have 6 pee after lunch goal is 8 for the day at (1/2)
good babies and retweets would be appreciated thank you very much (3/3)
the pad today but I gotta feeling I am going to be very very poopy and soaked by about 6 o'clock tonight happy happy baby I will be (2/3)
well I cleaned my underwear my cloth diaper I'm wearing my underwear which is soaked the cloth diaper and 2 more diapers I forgot (1/3)
Wow I can't believe no one commented on my sweet this morning
rude ones please (4/4)
myself then poured a cup of warm pee in my diaper and I feel a second one coming on I must be a good baby comments please but no (3/4)