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mike moulton
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5 marshmallows up the ass 5 marshmallows and poop came out
Well baby is at home and nothing but his socks and wet diaper marshmallows are in the freezer but I didn't get my six good babies
Ok you have 3 hour to gave me good BABYS I WILL. Need to get. May marshmallow little heard
I have a little bit more pot who thinks I should get some alcohol and make it a super wet& massy night
And I'm having a very wet day I think I'm gone at least 5 times hope to have 6.7.8 by 3
Well I'm diaper times 3 with a pair of underwear in there so I can get soaked and I won't be (cont)
Ok I am down to needing 5
I want my diaper to look like this and feel like this Wednesday morning and I won't be able to do that in less I got poo poo in my (1/2)
I still need hell Yeahs and good babies to do a marshmallow Tuesday poop I got one yes so I (cont)
Looks like it might have to be a marshmallow Tuesday at least I'll have a poopy butt you know I (cont)
work yesterday so here's number 2 I hope she's at work today cuz I'm off the next 2 days (2/2)
Yes karen is a very good friend where I work she's one of those friends that you just don't ever want to get rid of she wasn't at (1/2)
That's a very full and warm diaper I'm going to sit down in it right this very minute haha
Is a good baby I got a poopy butt
Diaper x 2 wet x3 & hope to have A BIG POO BY 3.30 or 4 with lots more pee.I did this for A friend at work
If I would of called off I would have a super poo diaper he'd it flash too damn good loads
For some reason I really think this is a cool pic of my poopy butt
Did I already send this out the latest picture of me in 4 diapers soaked & 1 very massy
Well the diaper now has it least 3 more peas in it and I am working on a second poop I'm feeling really really good (1/1)
Now that I agree with
there I wear diapers too (2/2)
I want to ask again any diaper friends at their go to the kiss of death Leppard concert last night if so I pretty sure I saw you (1/2)