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Michael Tartaglia
Merritt Canteen is my friend rn 😋
Lovin @bribono more and more every time I see her 💕🇮#tiamoamo
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I would give anything to be at the #iHeartRadioMusicFestival right now. 😩🎶
Smartest move that has ever been made. #dissociation 👌
Happy 20th Birthday @Avasta20 ! Have a great day! Love you! 😝🎉🍻
One of the guest parent speakers in my Special Ed class is so ghetto. I love it. 👊
So many people keep coming up to my brothers and I, saying how attractive we are. Like are you okay?
"Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above" 👼 Rest in peace Uncle Bruce �
Don't ever let someone play you for a fool. ☝️
I hate being sick. WHO DID THIS?! 😡
"Let's go to Six Flags right now" -@Kayci_Nicole Everyone else: k right now. #good👌
The amount of bullshit I heard and saw today was ridiculous. #happymonday
It's both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply
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It's the things we love most that destroy us
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i will literally never be good enough.
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Gale is quoting The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 😳�#HELPLP
I think for Halloween this year I'm going to be someone's first choice...pretty scary thought right?
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That time when Ed Asner asked the twins to sit on his lap 🏡🎈�
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Meeting Ed Asner aka the old man from Pixar's UP! 🏡🎈
When will I ever be able to catch a break?
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It has been said that all of that time was simply wasted. However, something was learned and won't be forgotten.
13 years ago today. Always remembered, never forgotten. 🇺�#NeverForgetet 👼❤️
Rest in Peace Uncle Bruce 🙏 Heaven has gained yet another angel 👼
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Rest in peace Uncle Bruce 😢👼🙏
Me: I'm so buzzed right now. Gale: *laughs and high fives me* 👌😂🍋�#coolestmomestmom
A customer just came back into ShopRite raving about my performance as Snoopy in YAGMCB & wouldn't stop saying how I was her favorite 😊🌟🐶👟🎭🎉
Incredibly thankful to those who have always stayed by my side & continue to every day. It means more than you know. I love you all.#blessed
| "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us." |
To anyone who was in my presence last night, I'm either very happy for you or extremely sorry 😂💀
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If you didn't go to the gala and have a good time. I feel bad for you
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Just broke dance in the middle of the President's Gala #nbd 🎉🎉🎉🎉
When @JennaFalconieri sends me a pic that's the biggest joke ever. 👌😂
watching The Breakfast Club in my ED Psych class >>>>> 😍🎥🎬
It is confirmed that my 17th British Lit professor is actually Geppetto from Pinocchio 👀
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"@Joan_Rivers: With all the plastic surgery I've had I'm worried that when I die, God won't recognize me!" You're an angel now. #RIPJoan 👼❤️
Thank you for all the laughs and entertainment. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Joan Rivers. 👼❤️
"...All I see is change...just like the seasons."