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Kakaka makan unta panggang lah semua orang esok.
Teringat last world cup dekat Angkasa Condo with them A-Level peeps. Good times! @MieraShkna
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"The sea otter: awkward around others, but graceful in its own element."
Deep down you still put paediatric on top of the list right. We'll see how psychiatric goes in year 4.
#EveryMalaysian has seen a ghost OR personally knows someone who has
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I should start studying kot.
Wajib thing to tampal on dinding every four years
I wonder what its like to be attractive enough to have random people have crushes on you
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Playing soul songs at night is not a good idea...
"Because love from a dad doesn't show from his face, but his heart." - thank you Tok Tan :'>
Less excitement for this season very much related to Kaka who is not in the team.
A Ronaldinho lookalike breaks onto the pitch in Argentina's training session in Belo Horizonte. Messi amused.
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@aliaim91: @MieraShkna dont forget mine n raihan's in aug :)” wedding of the year that all of us have been waiting! 😂😂
Home and listing all the friends' wedding to attend this month. Weyh life y u grown so fast?!
God knows best, and here I am living, embracing the best for what He had decided.
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. #qotn
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Enjoying tonight nutella cheese banana, stargazing and random pillow talk 🌌💭
"So I found serene in the sea of words."
Homesick tahap i dont care about anything else i want to fly home now 😔
I just dont like how the word friendzone is seen as a really negative thing what if two people really just want to be friends
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"If I just breatheeee, let it fill in the space is between I'll know, everything will be alright" #np
Someone is back on Twiddur. Ohai @lilymira13 💁💁
immune, adj.: To ignore the naysaying around you in order to hear the yaysaying within you.
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Music and lyrics 🎧🎶🎵
In hope good sleep will cure it all.
I really really really need to work hard to earn money this coming holiday.
I feel I'm losing myself whenever I don't get weird or random in a day.
That's the play come on Malaysia we can do this!
Stuck at warung. Sayonara assignments 👋
Gua Tempurung 🌰
Dance to Pump It Out three days straight and I barely can move right now.
#TIL there's always hope.
What's meant to be, will find its own way. Smile for another good day! :)
Driving mcm da x btol dari sg petani ke manjung tgah2 mlm, n ckp ok je, sampai asyik melelong je, thnx @MieraShkna sambung perjuangan T_T
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Never expect Kedah cafe will be this superb.
"I don't even like cars. I mean they don't even interest me. I'd rather have a horse. A horse is at least human, for God's sake" @twt_buku
Let’s face it guys. We’re all phonies in our own ways. Even Holden Caulfield is a phony.
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Too much sugar intake today. Candies birthday party coming up!