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Mickel Therapy
Stop spending time worrying and allow yourself to be present in the moment! Live in the now.
Tip of the day: Action creates energy. Stop hoping and start acting on your #health and #wellbeing today.
Having a therapist who has walked in your shoes and fully recovered is such a rarity. Find a therapist in your area
Read some of our amazing former clients inspiring success stories @ of how they regained their #health and #happiness
Many DR's are starting to recognize this. Thank goodness Dr. Mickel did.
For 10yrs I was sick of just surviving, sick of just coping&sick of relapsing with my #cfs Now I have my #health back
To find a therapist in your area go to and book your first FREE consultation today. #cfs #ME #FIBRO #IBS #anxiety
Go to to read some of our former clients inspiring success stories on how they recovered from #cfs #ME #fibro & more
We call it living our truth...let us teach you, and get well in the process.
There are real answers, starting with the cause, then permanent treatment. www.mickeltherapy.comm
We all have negative emotions arise. Handling them without causing harm is the healthy way. MT tip of the day!
Living in the negative past, creates disease. Practice " Living in the Now!. We can teach you how. Www.mickeltherapy
If you want to be well, there will be change. You can't get well, doing the same old thing!
It starts with realizing, we aren't our thoughts...
This doesn't mean your thoughts. You must quite your mind to hear your intuition.
Learning to act, in a healthy way, when experiencing negative emotions is the answer. Mickel therapy is the answer.
We need our heads, to follow through on actions to take, from emotions that come up. Don't confuse the two!