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Karabo Brighton
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▪▪▪RT @Sagittariushrs: #Sagittarius are never someone's spare time. They are their undivided attention.
Is it really Sat? Smh
It'll only get worse next year, Geeez! Whatever happened to weekends kante?▪ RT @Just_Tlotlego: @KidStoux sucks big time.. RT my life shiit
Good Q RT @Truu_Black: These avi appreciations...are they sincere or just pure thirst?
The heat. Fvken exhausted. ▪Lame saturday
RT @ObletsLavish: Enters TL with a Kaizer Chiefs Waslaap
Wished a lot of happy birthday's 2day!! ☺▪
Wished a lot of birthday's 2day!! ☺▪
Cool bruh▪ RT @RealMidPoint: Thanks ma dawg,,, "@KidStoux: @RealMidPoint well, happy bday bro▪▪"
Lmao RT @humorbrains: But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think of me?
▪▪▪RT @DailySexFact: Fall in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.
And a Blessed Day it is \☺/ ♥♥♥.. My Day, My Joy.. Thank You Lord ♥♥♥
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RT @JayAllDay612: My phone is never on 100% 😩🔋🔌
MyLife▪ Shiit RT @Just_Tlotlego: Weekend school ..sgeddit
The universe don't owe you shit. Man up.
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Lol RT @Yolandae_AdamSA: heheheh ...RT @JOJO_khb29: Most celebrity aren't happy
We are slowly getting to a point where every guy would be a step-father..Its like all beautiful girls have babies nowadays
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Lol, nah RT @Gawdly_albino: If you can go almost a full week without talkin to ya boo that's not ya boo
My Jam, @therealpsyfo Ft @iFani_Hayimani ▪Umuntu' Wam.. Killer Beats▪▪▪▪▪▪#TurnUp
But Dude! Lol** RT @Justmpm: Lol "@KidStoux: But how u gon reply with 'Lol' always???"
Changing ur Display Pic and Status 15 times a day on WhatsApp. its not facebook!! But None of my Business
Ive noticed. Some of us will see updates on Ur TL, RT @Justmpm: @KidStoux yoo tooo much.
RT @Cierra_Elliot: I'd leave my phone unlocked for you.
Keep Calm and Stop Trying To Be Funny By Making Keep Calm Posters.
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#Sagittarius season is awesome, we get to celebrate our birthday AND get in the xmas mood.
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U love Sports n stuff neh RT @Justmpm: Team SA in the relay qualifiers.
But how u gon reply with 'Lol' always???
Mbau ♥▪♡▪shes in for the win
I love u baby girl, I really do, I'll even drink your bathing Water. TF?! Nah Nig, lmao. Eavesdropped*
So Weekdays & Weekends are the same now. #MySchoolingLife▪.. K
So Disturbing, YOH RT @LookingSavage: Im fine,Its just a scratch""
lmao RT @ii_am_JayJ: So sompisi also acts in shreds and dreams wow
Geeez! Why even bring her back?! Lol, so freaqen annoying RT @Rea_M2: @KidStoux trouble
Dude! Annoying af, RT @Rich_Navy: You not alone"@KidStoux: 8am class tomorrow!! Whatever happened to weekends<<<<"
TF is boity wearing?!
Dankie for this!! RT @Tha_Real_Jones: Chewing gum is not an alternative to brushing your teeth i repeat ...
Shes back?! RT @Rea_M2: Lol Zodwa is preg#generations
Shuffled songs<<<
RT @champagnexavp: I really don't care about a lot of things, but when I do care, I care too much.
8am class tomorrow!! Whatever happened to weekends<<<<
I.Give.Up. MTN network is officially the Worst! Lmao
Forgot to reply to that important dm, ▪Geeez
You may have high ideals and big dreams, only to discover that... More for Sagittarius
Black. ▪White chucks, #Friday!!!!!
Partner Partner let me upgrade U ▪☺, upgrade, upgrade U