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will let u go with a warning if u give him biscuits
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You make loving you easy, you make loving you all I want to do. -Zac Brown Band
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I am so determined to go apple picking this fall. And go on hay rides. And carve a pumpkin.
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Airbud is definitely one of my favorite movies
Happy #nationaldogday to this goober! Love you Stanley 💕
Really wanna learn how to play banjo
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I don't trust girls with cute tiny sneezes cause honestly my sneezes cause earthquakes.
When you let someone go and they don't say thank you 😊😊😊
My mom didn't raise a fool. A crazy psychotic bitch... But not a fool.
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Can someone pls bring fanny packs back in style they would be super convenient
In case you are having a bad day here's a dog sneezing
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tbt to junior year of high school when I photoshopped @NiallOfficial over my formal date
I thought there was road kill in the road so I said a prayer for it but when I drove closer I realized it was just a Burger King bag.
Chris Christie wants give up right now just to sit down. #GOPdebate
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I love listening to middle aged white men talking about women's reproductive rights as if they should have any say in them :-) #GOPDebate
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Falling into a deep post-concert depression
Put the good times in your pocket, and let the bad ones make you strong. #LukeBryan
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I can't believe Mike Huckabee is a real person
I can't watch the news anymore because it makes me hella upset
Happy Birthday to my lovely big @queen.samantha!! Love you 💜💛
apparently, tongue out is the best way to sleep
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Why are Cara Delevingne's legs taller than my entire body?
excited for my expectations to turn into resentments
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I feel like IKEA monkey
GOD LOVES YOU! - He will be there for you. - He will make a way for you. - He will wipe away your tears. - He will be your best friend.
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Primer mixed with my tears makes the best base to work with for my foundation :))))
Every week has a weekend
Ok how did the bee live in Bee Movie
Honestly the most attractive trait someone can have is being a good person and not expecting recognition or anything else in return.
if you were having a bad day, just watch this 😊b
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if its cute outside take a lil stroll if ur hungry inside eats a pizza roll!!
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health list 4 u: vitamin hug a friend all the fruits medicin drink a tea honey bee exercis & smooch a me!!
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