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❁ michelle ❁
Is the sun ever gonna come out again
"...and a rinky tinky tinky" ~Marie (The Aristocats)
stressed and depressed xo
I have two exams and a paper due tomorrow and all I can think about is The Aristocats
Wonder if that girl knows she smells like hotdogs
I wish I could text my dog
My life is pretty shitty right now but at least gas prices are relatively low.
Do all these people at edm festivals realize how stupid they look or
If there was a course on knowing your shit about bands, my dad would be the professor and he would also write the curriculum.
If I could open my arms and span the length of the isle of Manhattan, I'd bring it to where you are making a lake of the East River and Hudson.
My dad made my dog drink holy water
Happy Birthday @momcommayour
#mancrusheveryday @spera7 @stanley
Have to eat everything chocolate over the garbage because
If you ain't talkin puppies I don't wanna talk
That girl you just called hot? She has a fever.
Feelin the need to write "amen" at the end of my theology paper
My aunt is fucking crazy if she thinks I'm gonna redownload candy crush just to send her a life.
The bank has the literal most inconvenient hours holy shit who came up with that
Is it too early to start skipping lol
You can tell that classes started when there's acne all over my forehead and my cuticles are all chewed up.
Gonna lose 20 lbs cause I don't have a meal plan
Long hair, care way too much.
We went to see If I Stay and Mike didn't cry so I've come to the conclusion that he's not human.