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❁ michelle ❁
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Sincere apologies to anyone that sees me today
sips a soup till u recoop!! chickens noodle veggietable potatos n bacon splits pea pizzas
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My favorite genre is the guy blasting his Spanish music really loud out of his car so everyone on campus can hear it
A customer gave this to me today and it made me really happy
Mom: got any A's this semester? Me: go fish
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its cold outside & ur teeth r shakin cakes r warm so lets get bakin veggies r good & healthy 2 but its treats time 4 lil me & u
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Low fidelity, high anxiety
Half of me wants to be a strong independent woman and the other half of me wants to be a housewife that lets her husband take care of her.
Should I wear all black or all black today
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Will my 8:30 ever get canceled??????
Just because I'm working doesn't mean you don't have to treat me like a human
"How dare you not answer me in the form of a question" -Alex Trebek
One time I had a dream that I bought drugs from Keke Palmer
I'm gonna drop out of school and get the Ed Norton American History X tattoo on my boob I think
@UberFacts: It takes a sleepy student five hours to do three hours of homework.” lmaooo
This semester is just kicking my fucking ass wow #APA
Gonna skip school to lay in bed and look at funny pictures of dogs
"Bad brains is fucking intense" -dad
Fuck it I'll just stay up all night on Pinterest
I'm really glad I got to spend time with michelleyy. I miss her :(
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Note to self: never take 18 credits again
Can someone tell me why it takes 17 years to prepare my desktop
Is anyone else fucking terrified by the fact that we just have to hope for the best when it comes to finding a job after college
He was actually grabbing his crotch in this picture you just can't see it
People still drink propel????
Mental illness isn't a joke I don't understand how people can make fun of this poor girl.
I wanna know whose idea it was to build a high school on a college campus
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#tbt to when @spera7 did my makeup
The only reason I get really excited for Halloween is because I'm actually a witch.
You know the old saying, "sometimes you just gotta cry for three days." wait, is that not a saying?
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College will mean nothing when I have 57 dogs