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❁ michelle ❁
There shouldn't be an ugly dog contest ALL DOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
alone eating cheese so you know it's saturday night
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Wow I thought I had high expectations but then I heard the new Meghan Trainor song
Mood towards boys: disappointed but not surprised
I have chest pain I'm probably dying I can't sleep goodbye forever friends
Someone bring me a bagel pls
Wish I could wear maxi dresses but I'm 17 inches tall
remember 2: hydrates clean ur plate hug ur friends celebrate proteins b real clean wash ur ears dont b mean
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The U.S. Treasury Department has announced that the redesigned $10 bill, which will debut in 2020, will feature a woman.
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I could really go for a chicken cutlet right now
Wish I had a dollar for every time I saw something and said "this would be cute in black"
What is the point of see through shirts?????
There's no way Barmageddon is a show and Life With Michelle & Stanley isn't.
Siri, when are you supposed to warn potential partners about anxiety issues
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I feel so exhausted I could sleep for 2 weeks but at the same time I can't fall asleep so
Why Do Republicans Look Like They Have Absolutly NO Idea,What 2Do,In Bed “OH…Didn’t Know, U Had 2 Enjoy It TOO?“ “Honey,Just Fake It Again😜”
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hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but i've actually already looked at all your facebook photos dating back to 2009
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I actually couldn't handle being a commuter
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I could be at a fuckin punk show and hear a circle of fifths progression and still think of Autumn Leaves
Coleslaw is the grossest thing on the planet sorry
Last name sleep schedule, first name horrible
when someone starts giving you an attitude and they don't know that you're crazy af
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🆘 Stanley farted and we're both dying
it's the freakin weekend baby i'm about to experience existential dread
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I audibly gasped when the puppy looked into the camera 😍
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Happy Birthday @eric_dieterle! #beeboop
I would love to wear sleeveless shirts but I have the shoulders of a line backer so
Happy Mother's Day to the two strongest women that I know. I love you both so much.
Walking down the pet aisle at the store just to look at dog pictures
Bri always tweets about me and then I see it like 10 days later @ me next time

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