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❁ michelle ❁
I can't believe Mike Huckabee is a real person
I can't watch the news anymore because it makes me hella upset
Happy Birthday to my lovely big @queen.samantha!! Love you 💜💛
apparently, tongue out is the best way to sleep
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Why are Cara Delevingne's legs taller than my entire body?
excited for my expectations to turn into resentments
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I feel like IKEA monkey
GOD LOVES YOU! - He will be there for you. - He will make a way for you. - He will wipe away your tears. - He will be your best friend.
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Primer mixed with my tears makes the best base to work with for my foundation :))))
Every week has a weekend
Ok how did the bee live in Bee Movie
Honestly the most attractive trait someone can have is being a good person and not expecting recognition or anything else in return.
if you were having a bad day, just watch this 😊b
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if its cute outside take a lil stroll if ur hungry inside eats a pizza roll!!
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health list 4 u: vitamin hug a friend all the fruits medicin drink a tea honey bee exercis & smooch a me!!
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"where do you see yourself in 10 years?" me:
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just saw a dog just fall down the stairs and i then heard the owner say "oh god not again"
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PSA to customers everywhere: don't ask workers questions when they're on break
My hair feels so healthy and that makes me so happy :)))))
Wanna know what I fucking hate. Your yoga pictures.
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Hall & Oates are underrated
I love vanilla ice cream
Going to wash my hair Put make up on. Off on new adventure.
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When you know nothing about soccer :))))
cop: ur eyes are dilated are u high me: officer ur pupils dilate by 45% wen u see someone u love cop: me: *leans in for a kiss*
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The episode of saved by the bell where Zack Morris smelled weed in the bathroom deserved an oscar tbh
There shouldn't be an ugly dog contest ALL DOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES
alone eating cheese so you know it's saturday night
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Wow I thought I had high expectations but then I heard the new Meghan Trainor song
Mood towards boys: disappointed but not surprised
I have chest pain I'm probably dying I can't sleep goodbye forever friends
Someone bring me a bagel pls
Wish I could wear maxi dresses but I'm 17 inches tall

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