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Michelle Beadle
Bring it! RT @phizzfacee: He obviously loved today ! Thanks to @1iota !! Can't wait to come back the 20th!!
Now that just got me laughing. Love it! @zschiffman @kennychesney
I WENT 2 AND 0 IN FANTASY FOOTBALL THIS WEEK!!! Yeah...I don't really feel any differently.
"I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men...I don't want to date anymore"
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No. RT @GusRamsey: @MichelleDBeadle please take a selfie between the two sumo butts.
Sorry can I hear more from the guy in the yellow shirt
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NFL overtime rules are dumb. #hottake
I believe Matthew Mcconaughey drives a Lincoln. #andBlakeGriffinDrivesAKia
This is my first year really playing FF. My heart tells me to blow up my teams and start over. Will Romo do me right? @ESPNFantasy #FFNow
How do I get ready for Sunday? With @RoFloESPN @Stephania_ESPN @Sara_Walsh @MatthewBerryTMR and @tthasselbeck. Even if I'm hating FF. #loser
Ray Lewis actually said this about the Ray Rice situation: "There are some things you can cover up. There are some things you can't."
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Today we are all Browns fans.
Just witnessed this. Dude removed top bun from burger #SoLA
Do not wear mascara for this. This is not an exaggeration.
Florio is being such a jackass about the brilliantly reported ESPN story. Think I need to get my regurgitated news elsewhere from now on.
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Football players are still role models. They always have been. Even in high school they were always the best behaved & got the best grades
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Milk spit. RT @GusRamsey: dear Rex Chapman, the U2 songs are free. you have to pay for everything else.
I wish I owned a business so that child would have a place to loiter and sleep in the future. #heresyourcardboardpookie @bubbaprog
Indy needs a buddy!!! @stevebraband plus that's how one finds their Henry. #nowillpower
I'm not wearing sweat pants because it's sexy, son. RT @PeytonsHead: .@MichelleDBeadle Until then, it's me and you.
One day we will be blessed with 'decision makers' who possess a real collective set of stones, rendering public outrage silent. #unicorn
Oh Twitter...from the folks you suggest I's so very clear you don't know me at all. #WhatHappenedToUs
You know how I know Leroy's a badass? 3 teeth removed, hopped up on meds, ate dinner anyways. #WeDontNeedNoTeef
If you've got a couple extra Fred Bosshardt. Do it for the kids...Gracias!…
Do you have a blanket made of puppies? No? Too bad.
I luv u RT @SeanGrandePBP: Well, I guess all those people were right after all. One openly-gay player and the entire NFL has gone to hell.
Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.
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I want to thank @CrystinaPoncher for showing me how to tailor my twitter. Bye bye, trolls. Ours was a relationship for the ages. I'll miss u
Couldn't help but notice you have a lot of time on your hands. Are u ok? Do you need a reference letter? Google is your friend @CudaBoyyy
Great to see you! Max doesn't like many people so.....@CrystinaPoncher
Why weren't you watching soccer in the first place? #notarealfan @lilabna @espn
Jameis Winston apologizes for "selfish act." Not to be confused with earlier "shellfish act."
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Winston suspended for a half?! I haven't seen such institutional bravery since the Jets sat Braylon Edwards for a quarter after DUI arrest.
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If people don't trust you. Your word is no longer good. You need a team to come in and 'fix' things & you make 44 mil a year? Where you at?
Nope, @Karlo_Garcia_17. Just adding to my days. I have two years to make up!
Hell yes. Back mañana. RT @KompaRulis: @MichelleDBeadle @HBOboxing Will you still be on Sportsnation?
Some dude didn't want to sit next to a dog. So I'm now next to a beautiful French bulldog. (Owned by a beautiful woman) Let that be a lesson
I just asked the flight attendant if it was 'super turbulent' ascending or 'kinda turbulent....she said kinda. I feel like she lied. #wine
Tick tock...Jameis Winston, you're on the clock. #tablesareforeating