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Michelle Branch
Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
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California dairy farmers are going nuts for almonds, but at what cost?… via @grist
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Amazing! Me too! “@woodelijah: Killing In The Name… I want to go to this school.”
I so enjoyed reading this article while drinking my coffee this morning:…
Is there any moral reason why we shouldn’t release oxytocin into the water supply?…
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There's only one thing to do in L.A when it's this hot. Head to Altadena and hidden at the end of a maze of scaffolding (they are still open during construction) you'll be rewarded with Bulgarini Gelato🍦🇮🇹 Delizioso 😋
#tbt to @hhheart engagement brunch cheese plate 😂👏 Not pictured: gold glitter, feathers and watermelon margaritas #TrueLove
Get your tickets for @LALovesAlexs Sat. Sept 20 at #UCLA 12-4! Great food & drink, proceeds go to fighting pediatric cancer! @AlexsLemonade
8 years ago Leave The Pieces went #1 Here's an old live performance w/ our band #TheWreckers… @jessicaharp
Song o' the day:… Left Hand Free from @alt_J Play loud+coffee= Good Morning!
8 years ago today, The Wreckers (@michellebranch & @jessicaharp) scored a #1 hit with "Leave the Pieces"
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Regram from @kateyork - some emo full moon musings -songwriter edition 🌕😭✨
Tantalising clip of one of our favourites @michellebranch covering another of our own, Creep by @radiohead Check it!
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Best greeting card ever?
My favorite moment from the show yesterday? I met longtime fan @lenawoohoo and she was wearing this homemade shirt 🙌 #MichelleBranchKnowsMyLife
So Cal! Come hang with me today at the Huntington Beach Food, Art and Music fest! Acoustic show. 4:45pm and if not- enjoy this old shot by @reidrolls 😜
California peeps: I'm playing an acoustic show tomorrow at @HBFoodArtMusic - 4:45pm -come hang! What cover song should I do?
I like the bad side of you 🌙✨ Singing today. Feels good.
I covered one of my favorite songs, Creep from @radiohead for @StalkerCBS Check it out!
@StalkerCBS Ok, that cover of "Creep" by @michellebranch is haunting. I can't get it out of my head and the show hasn't even premiered yet!
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RT @goodappetite: A fascinating, in-depth look at corruption in the intl food chain by Journalists for Transparency
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Had the most beautiful dinner with @chefludo @anthonybourdain @MarcusCooks and @Nigella_Lawson This was our cheese course 😋 Merci Ludo!
Blueberry lemon galette waiting for it's turn in the oven. Happy Labor Day!
@seanwfrytog straight chillin'
"Don't put tori amos on. It'll make me get my period early" - @michellebranch
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Repost from @globalgreen If you needed a reason to conserve water, here it is. In California, 60% of the state is experiencing "exceptional" drought. Overall, the West has lost 63 TRILLION gallons of water during the drought. Please do your part and be smart about water use.
My daughter is obsessed with her cat hat. She told me she's gonna wear it for-ev-errrrrrr
I stopped by @thetastela last night to chat with @foodisthenewrock but the best part? @jazz_sing from Jitlada sent me home with her food! I have strict instructions to fry this up with an egg. Okay! 😋
I got tattooed last week with crushrus - this was a solid cover up job. Bye bye music note tattoo I…
Mood this morning: send coffee. Why can't school start at noon? #NotAMorningPerson #MusicianHours #TGIF
@michellebranch @doriegreenspan I dream that every night. DG is one of my all time food crushes and I tell her so every time I see her
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I had the most vivid dream I was baking with @doriegreenspan last night. Now I'm on the treadmill and all I can think about is pie!! Ahhh! 😣 you don't! @jillaugusto and I got tattooed last week with @crushrus - this was a solid cover up job. Bye bye music note tattoo I got at 15! 🙌 #tbt
#tbt Last week. Now you see it...
@michellebranch please retweet this poster! Motorcycles and feeding hungry kids! Winning combo! #nokidhungry
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I think that because it's National Dog Day and I don't have a dog, someone should give me this puppy. K? Thanks. 😍 #BerneseMountainDog #DreamPup
I accepted the #ALS #IceBucketChallenge from @elianrose and I'm passing it along to @nicbranch and @deadsara 😜 aka @siouxsiemedley @seanwfrytog @burnham_lester @emilyarmstrong
I should have just slept in my dressing room last night because Chris Cornell is in it today 😒 ☺️Third night in a row at the Hollywood Bowl. Soundgarden and NIN ✨🌒
I snuck out on the empty Hollywood Bowl stage after the show tonight. Shhhh. ✨
Favorite moment of the night? @marylambertsing trying to open a bottle of wine 👏
love will save you -movies love will save you -music love can't save you -therapist
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Dressing room selfie from the Hollywood Bowl for The Beatles tribute. Thanks to @marcjacobsintl for the most fantastic jacket. It's my version of Sgt. Pepper
I snuck a shot of @jokimberly silhouette moments before @thegriddlecafe opened last night at SLS Hotel Las Vegas. 👏✨💗 so much love. Congratulations!