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Michael Vampire
On Tuesday I would highly recommend sticking close to the interwebs!I suggest following our good friends at @KerrangMagazine ( @TKLband ) ;)
Saturdays.... Time for some music! #michaelvampire #TheKillingLights
Make your Friday night interesting... Request #LiesSpreadLikeFire @TKLband on @SXMOctane 888-3-OCTANE
Next week... A new @tklband song will appear! Don't keep it a secret..... #michaelvampire #TheKillingLights
This next song is very important to me.... I wrote it at a low point in my life but managed to climb myself out again! ... Next week. ~MV
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London,Paris, & Berlin my girl @itsdorothysucka & band are headed ur way tomorrow show her <3 itsdorothysucka's video
Let our good friends at @SXMOctane know you want more #TheKillingLights #LiesSpreadLikeFire Request us! 888-3-OCTANE πŸ™Œ RT!
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I'm pretty excited for this Pre Sale! @TKLband
Anybody be stoked if I did a @YouNow ?
So my adventurous friends in @thedefiled played the 1st ever gig on an ICEBERG! Peep this!… ……
I did a quick interview with @michaelvampire of @TKLband at their show at Chain Reaction! Check it out here:…
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Not sure what's going on but Thank U! We jumped almost 16k plays #LiesSpreadLikeFire Music Video in 3 days! FANS > EVERYTHING ELSE 116,000!
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Never be closed off musically.. Genres are BS! Write what makes you feel something πŸ™Œ
I kinda want to tour the UK again! Hmmmm hopefully soon πŸ™Œ
β€œ@itsdorothysucka: Happy to be part of PUNKS & POETS @stancesocks #regram” hell ya! πŸ™Œ
Starting to feel the energy! @TKLband Pre Sale is Almost here!!!! #michaelvampire #TheKillingLights &…
The word on the street is... a Pre Sale is coming! @TKLband
β€œ@cmartrocks: Top 5 favorite Halloween/ Scary movies??? GO! @UABB @michaelvampire ” The Lost Boys, Fright Night, Dracula, Jeepers Creepers
I got some Steven Tyler flavor here peppered ever so slightly with Aldous Snow.... Ha! #michaelvampire
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
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Having a "date night" with my girl @itsdorothysucka She just flew in from the NYC. Trying to look all slick n' shit! Both our schedules are insane so gotta get that time in ;) #michaelvampire #Dorothy
Just saw Dracula: Untold... I give it a solid 7.5! If you're into the history of Vlad this has a cool twist to it all! πŸ™Œ
Completely humbled by the response on our #LiesSpreadLikeFire Music Video! We just jumped 10,000 plays in 2 days!!… πŸ™Œ
Yeah... My grandma is a badass & my biggest supporter! Get on her bad side & all bad! Haha. #TheKillingLights @tklband #michaelvampire #TKLGrandma
Ahem.... Might be starting a "Pre Sale" soon for our self titled EP. Anybody excited about that?? @TKLband πŸ™Œ
Str8 posting.... #michaelvampire
If rock n' roll is dead you better inform death because my ass is still kicking! πŸ™Œ
Make sure to request #LiesSpreadLikeFire on @SXMOctane 888-3-OCTANE @TKLband Spread the word!
Less than 2 months & we nailed 100,000 plays on #LiesSpreadLikeFire Music Video! FANS > EVERYTHING ELSE! Thank you.…
Heading to my girl @itsdorothysucka Show at Bardot for School Night! #michaelvampire #Dorothy @itsdorothysucka
My girl @itsdorothysucka & band are playing @ItsASchoolNight at Bardot in Hollywood!! 9:30pm Get there! πŸ™Œ
β€œ@HuffPostEnt: Campaign launched to keep Nickelback out of London” hahahaha! FINALLY
I LOVE when people that are obviously "trying to hard" put others down for"trying to hard" Twitter is an ongoing comedy hr of magic & wonder
People always bitch about being "Hated" No No! You want these people thinking about u 24/7 it's called "Relevance" of which they don't have!
Getting jiggy... ( Photo Cred: @jigsaw_johnny LIVE Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA ) PS..sporting new @itsdorothysucka Merch πŸ™Œ
Maybe our next single ... Dunn dun dunnnnn #TheKillingLights #MichaelVampire ( Video Credit @krissycali LIVE Headlining Show Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA )
"Hansel... So hot right now"
Thx to everyone fans & friends that came out to Chain Reaction last night! Definitely a memorable night & great start for @TKLband πŸ™Œ
Smoke ( Fan Photo: Headliner Chain Reaction )
Sweaty ( Fan Photo: Headliner Chain Reaction ) #MichaelVampire #TheKillingLights