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Michael Shaw
Doing author presentation bookings with libraries for the KOP railroads. Plenty of interest, including Huntingdon Valley.
Great to see so many former railroads converted into trails although bittersweet when think of legacy many former passenger conduits.
Looking forward to the next SEPTA meetings on progress of KOP Rails. #kingofprussiarailroads
Clearing out time for the fall when starting book research on the history of the @KoP_Mall for all the latest information on the history of the railroads in historic King of Prussia, PA!
upgraded safety system would get priority for federal grants and loans.
Senators Cory Booker and Roger Wicker introduced bill to upgrade rail safety funding, whereas passenger rail operators working to install
ground that was once well traveled by the railroads.
the building. Middletown, NY, site of the factory, was once a well traveled railroad hub of sorts. Apparently my grandparents set up shop on
Looking forward to checking out my grandparents old factory, Derry Products, to see whether the old railroad turntable still exists behind
strategic dependence on the railroad as they realized its potential.
using trains to speedily provide reinforcements made difference at battles like Bull Run. As War progressed, both sides developed greater
Civil War times trains cutting edge. Although fewer tracks at their disposal Confederates quicker to learn their value,
Train conductor on derailed Amtrak train in Philly was not on his cell phone at time of accident...stay tuned.
Article Phil Inquirer how North Dakota community traumatized by oil-train derailment; can happen in Phil region with expanded oil shipments
Union troops as moved South, sabotaged rails by pulling them up heating them until they could bend & wrapping them around tree trunks
During the Civil War, commanders sometimes sent locomotives to reconnoiter the terrain and gain information on enemy troop dispositions.
fatal May 12 Amtrak wreck at Frankford Junction in Philly.
Fed Railroad Administration urged passenger railroads to better control train speed approaching tight curves & bridges in latest response to
by 1861, 22,000 miles of track had been laid in the Northern states and 9,500 miles in the South.
The Civil War is the first war in which railroads were a major factor. The 1850s had seen enormous growth in the railroad industry so that
1865: George Pullman known for luxury sleeping cars called Pullman cars, after he loans one of his cars to house coffin of Abraham Lincoln
Last of carbon crushing coal breakers to be demolished, St Nicholas in Mahanoy City, PA. Hearkens back to days of booming railroad industry.
3 weeks later & National Transport Safety Board still can't figure out whether Amtrak Train 188 engineer using cellphone when train derailed
Soon to start research on book about #kingofprussiamall. Largest retail mall in America, just happens to be located 3 minutes from my house
Trains, planes and automobiles...great movie for a writer of non fiction train history.
crash in Philly. Commercial freight more lucrative. Privatizing maybe easier to manage b/c @Amtrak always at the mercy of feds for money.
Great editorial column in today's Philly Inquirer. Talks about how hard it is to privatize rail passenger service in lieu of tragic Amtrak
Per congress & public criticism feds won't weaken rules requiring disclosures about trains transport crude oil & other hazardous materials
Amtrak derailment in Philly temporarily raised air fares-supply and demand in northeast corridor.
Fed cap per rail accident $200 million by Congress 1997. New effort by lawmakers to raise cap $500 million after Amtrak accident in Philly.
crude oil. Disclosure laws need tightening. I live real close to Norfolk Southern main line that goes past KOP down to Philly.
routing, cargo and safety plans. Per Inquirer analysis, more than 700,000 people in Phila region live in 1/2 mile of rail lines that carry
Phi Inquirer talks how towns go through drills etc. for spills of natural gas on trains but companies transporting don't have to disclose
Great place to check out trains-Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg, PA. Strasburg has running trains to take ride out in the country.
Go to Amazon to purchase #therailroadsofkingofprussia Great history of a rural village that becomes a destination shopping mecca.
More facts from Currently, trains transport more than 40% of world's cargo.
When will this country ever invest more in its infrastructure?
At the same time the government is considering cutting even more funds to Amtrak.
A little late for those poor folks who lost their lives on Amtrak in Philly to be hearing about infrastructure upgrades.
Speaking @ Jenkintown Library Wed May 20, 7 pm. Presentation on history of the railroads in King of Prussia. Hope to see some new faces.
The Railroad Museum Of PA in Strasburg-great place to check out railroad history, take a ride on a real train and do history in the archives
Big Amtrak #train accident last night in Port Richmond area of Philadelphia. Never good news when bad accident with fatalities.
KOP was 1940s or 1930s depending upon interpretation of boundaries of KOP.
High speed rail coming to King of Prussia. It's a 10 year or so process, almost 3 years in. Long time coming. Last time passenger service in
Amtrak is sponsoring Amtrak Train Days starting Saturday, May 9, at Chicago's Union Station. - Railroad news network. Rail news for railfans, railroaders & train enthusiasts.
#railroadsofkingofprussia to libraries, rotary clubs, historical societies, senior centers, railroad groups, etc.
then downplayed them only to come full circle in 2013 when confronted with growing traffic, I'm game. I speak about my book on the
For anyone who wants to hear a compelling story about a rural village that was introduced to the roaring tide of railroads in the 1830s,

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