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Michael Shaw
god forbid if Vanguard could respect history and have allowed trail to be built over original railroad path on their property
Chester Valley Trail over old Chester Valley Railroad is nice except for running on labyrinth just to skirt Vanguards' precious land,
Getting ready for the fall season with lots of dates for #kingofprussiarailroad book presentations, train shows, etc.
1973, tracks pulled up in the 80s. Neat stuff.
Went for run in Groton, NY, just north of Ithaca. Found out that trail I took was once railroad into the village. RR stopped running about
Had #RoddyPiper sign copy of my book #kingofprussiarailroads when came out in July 2013. His father was policeman for Canadian National RR
RIP #RowdyRoddyPiper Always cherish meeting him in Philly July 2013 @ 25th reunion for They Live, VIP session. Big inspiration to me.
SEPTA selling papal rail passes by lottery for Pope's Sept visit to Philly.
Airlines face price-gouging probe after Philly Amtrak train crash. Could be coincidence based on train passengers looking for alternatives.
Due to public pressure railroads transporting crude oil must inform states of the shipments.
Schuylkill River Trail voted best urban trail in contest. Sweet. Former Schuylkill Division of Pennsylvania Railroad.
Acclaimed Philly chef Eli Kulp is paralyzed from May's Amtrak derailment in Philly. He's a fighter, though
Administration manages the system until 1920, when Congress returns control to the railroad companies.
1917: President Woodrow Wilson orders nationalization of the railroads shortly after the US enters World War I. The United States Railroad
Speaking to the West Chester Rotary Club on 7/23 regarding the #railroadsofkingofprussia
Montana, tank cars leak oil after train derails latest in series of wrecks across US & Canada-shows safety risks of moving crude by rail
about 250,000 people.
At one time, Pennsylvania Railroad largest publicly traded corp in world w/budget larger than that of U.S. government and workforce of
Railroad developed in Great Britain. George Stephenson applied steam technology of day & created world's first successful locomotive
that had same problem with Philly crash-speeding trains going too fast into a curve
Amtrak's frequent management turnover may be source of why they never adequately addressed deadly train wrecks from 2013-in NY and Spain-
New transportation bill introduced in Congress gives rail-line operators until 2018 to install upgraded safety system.
Just ran on portion of Chester Valley Trail from KOP to Wayne. KOP portion, old Chester Valley Railroad, supposed to continue the trail
1830s–1860s: Enormous railway building booms in the United States. Railroads replace canals as a primary mode of transportation.
in contest for most popular trail. Once site of Schuylkill Division of Pennsylvania Railroad.
So many US railroads converted from rails to trails. Schuylkill Valley Trail from Phoenixville to Philly getting ton of support nationally
Went for a run on the Chester Valley Trail, over portion that once was roadbed for Chester Valley Railroad. Sweet.
About to go running on the Chester Valley Trail, site of the old Chester Valley Railroad.
First two lawsuits just filed with regards to May 12 Amtrak train derailment in Philly.
While still under construction until Aug '16, 6/30/15 first day #kopmall connected since the Court was added in early 80s.
#kingofprussiatrains passenger rail service still on track; 10 or so year process, about 3 years in.
canal boats that were then in vogue. -PA Historical Museum Commission
to connect with a boat landing on Ridley Creek. For the next twenty years, railroads were predominantly horse or mule powered, just like the
The earliest recorded railroad in Pennsylvania was a three-quarter-mile-long quarry tramway at Avondale , Delaware County built in 1809-10
Federal railroad regulator vows to enforce Dec. 31 deadline for safety technology
Doing author presentation bookings with libraries for the KOP railroads. Plenty of interest, including Huntingdon Valley.
Great to see so many former railroads converted into trails although bittersweet when think of legacy many former passenger conduits.
Looking forward to the next SEPTA meetings on progress of KOP Rails. #kingofprussiarailroads
Clearing out time for the fall when starting book research on the history of the @KoP_Mall for all the latest information on the history of the railroads in historic King of Prussia, PA!
upgraded safety system would get priority for federal grants and loans.
Senators Cory Booker and Roger Wicker introduced bill to upgrade rail safety funding, whereas passenger rail operators working to install
ground that was once well traveled by the railroads.
the building. Middletown, NY, site of the factory, was once a well traveled railroad hub of sorts. Apparently my grandparents set up shop on
Looking forward to checking out my grandparents old factory, Derry Products, to see whether the old railroad turntable still exists behind
strategic dependence on the railroad as they realized its potential.
using trains to speedily provide reinforcements made difference at battles like Bull Run. As War progressed, both sides developed greater
Civil War times trains cutting edge. Although fewer tracks at their disposal Confederates quicker to learn their value,
Train conductor on derailed Amtrak train in Philly was not on his cell phone at time of accident...stay tuned.

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