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Michael Robison
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STELLAR #workout today. 8.2 mile run (at 7:15/mile) and core circuits. #cardio day. #muscle #fitness #gym
Thankful that I have a GREAT team in #Haiti helping me get kids home. Honored to be in #adoption stories with so many.
She now carries 4 bags, a wand, wears the hat & high heels! My Haitian bag lady...
The last 2 posts have created great conversations! Do you have suggestions on topics I can cover?
Hey Leaders, Pastors, CEO’s…. This was designed for you!…
Does your organization have a gala, fundraising event or silent auction coming up? We can help!
We think broken people believe church can offer them hope when people within the church have no freedom to be broken
The church has become a pro at shooting their wounded and punishing repentance!…
Stellar #workout today. 14 min #HIIT then Shoulder & Trap Shredder HEAVY! Then a 1 mile sprint. #muscle #fitness #gym
So I don’t have a title anymore… But finding the beauty in Just Being!…
This is a POWERFUL tool for fundraising & communications for your church or organization!
Interesting.... I publish my post about not being the pastor or CEO & over 50% of my blog subscribers dropped!!!
I no longer hold a title or position of significance in an organization…..…
Really processing a ton of stuff in my heart and head today!
1 yr ago today I had the honor of hostng Ron Jeremy & @craiggross for the Porn Debate. One of my fav…
I am no longer a pastor, CEO, Owner, boss or systems leader…. It’s NOT east for me! Here’s my thoughts:…
This is a raw post about wrestling with my demons as a leader… and man!…
REALLY missing my @uncommonaustin crew today!!! Miss the purity & raw life we shared. GREAT season in my life!
Hard to believe the difference a year can make. If you'd have told me last year where I'd be today... I would never have believed it!
Great #workout today. 14 min #HIIT then Bicep/Tricep Blaster HEAVY. Topped with a 1.5 mile sprint. #muscle #fitness #gym
Loving the Discovery class @journeyfranklin with @Jamiegeorge24 & crew. Such a pure & humble vision. As a pastor/planter I am refreshed!
More amazed & committed each week to the vision & heart behind @journeyfranklin, Ps @Jamiegeorge24 & team.
Faith is the breeding ground for miracles! Allow God to stretch your faith and watch incredible things unfold.
Great #cardio day. 5.7 mile run & 10 min #HIIT today. #fitness
We've watched her grow up in #Haiti but now she's home! Read our story of #adoption here:…
Great #workout today. 14 min #HIIT then Arm Assault (Bicep/Tricep) HEAVY!!! Then 1 mile sprint. #muscle #fitness #gym #NoExcuses
I have a DEEP passion to serve others in the #adoption process! I want to see families whole & kids unstuck!
A few of the faces that were part of Karis' #adoption story!!! Read more here:…
Hey Crew…. Take a few minutes & read this #adoption story! It is awesome.… #Haiti
This was our first pics of Karis and the home where she was born in #Haiti in 2011. Read more here:…
If you read one thing today, READ THIS!!! It is possibly the best thing you read all week!… #adoption #haiti
GREAT #workout with 13 min #HIIT then Chest & Back HEAVY superset and a 2 mile run. #muscle #fitness #gym
Time to pound out a hardcore #workout for the day! Chest & Back baby! #muscle #fitness #gym
Is your church looking for a new strategy for the New Year??? Let @Agroup and @maurilio be part!
17 yrs ago I asked Allison to be my girlfriend!!! 12 yrs of marriage 5+ kids & LOTS of crazy adventures later... She's still my girlfriend!
This most important part of this post on @EdwardDobson is the link to his new video!…
Looking forward to a full day of productivity and progress. Helping to build resources and relationships to serve churches & ministries.
The newest video by my friend @EdwardDobson is INCREDIBLE. Take some time to watch it today!
Today you have the chance to watch the newest video from my friend @EdwardDobson on Gratefulness.
Love that I get to spend my days connecting with other great visionaries and leaders from all over the world!
Just got word one of families #Haiti #adoption petitions was accepted and in 10 days they will be COMPLETE!!!!
One year ago I was in the midst of this craziness. What an interesting & incredible event!
If you’re looking for help with a stuck #adoption in #Haiti I believe we can help.
Watching 2 of my network families finalize the #adoption of the kids from #haiti today! So HONORED to be part of the story.