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Michael Robison
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Intense #workout. 1 mile run to start. The. Squat & Incline Press Super Sets HEAVY. Then Core Circuits, then burnouts. #muscle #fitness #gym
Officially unloaded our goods into storage in Nashville today. We are officially TN residents again. Feels strange really.
Today's moving causality!!! Yes, it hurts!!!
Post #workout meal for me... 55gm Protien Shake w/Creatine, Leucine & BCAA's. Bowl of Granola, 6 Egg Whites & coffee. #muscle #fitness
Great #workout today. 14 min #HIIT then Back, Shoulder, Tricep, Bicep Supersets. Then sprints to finish. #muscle #fitness #gym
So far we have raised 12% for this. Consider being part & praying for God;s provision in this daily!…
It takes discipline, knowledge & dedication to build lean #muscle & lose #fat properly. Who's coaching you?
Awesome #workout 2 mile run, then military press, dumbbell press & deadlift super sets. Core circuits & sprints. #muscle #fitness #gym
We hit 10% of our goal so far… Read this, and consider being part! We could use your support!…
This will transform your body & life in 12 weeks!!! I want you to build #muscle & Lose #fat in a #healthy way!
I have a passion to help you #getfit and transform your body in 12 weeks! Here’s some facts you need to know!
Eating for results matters. 80% of being #fit is eating right. Don't expect #muscle gain and/or #fat loss with a bad #diet
The idea that I am now living in Franklin, TN is very surreal. Things change quickly in life!
You have not been abandoned. God is for you. Hold tightly to that truth today. #better #centralonline
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Intense #workout 13 min #HIIT the Back, Shoulder, Bicep & Tricep super sets. Then Sprints to finish. #muscle #fitness #gym #health
Ne part of something BIG with my y family… Read this, and consider being part!…
My family could use your help with something incredible… Read this, and consider being part!…
My family could truly use your help with something that is incredible… Read this, and consider being part!…
Be part of something REALLY BIG and help change a kids life….…
Be part of something BIG… Change one kids life forever!…
The most awesome project with my friend @PabloGia launches this week. Can’t wait to share this with the world!
Intense #workout 12 min #HIIT Then prison, standard & hack squats Then bench press & decline burnouts. Sprints to finish. #muscle #fitness
Prepping to go to #Haiti for 3-4 weeks. Hoping to finish our adoption. And, a great chance to serve with my Haitian friends!!!
God built a passion in you, an instinct to follow. It is where you realize your greatest potential. So run after it!
Thankful for the passion & power of @BishopJakes each week. Always inspired & encouraged!
This is how judah takes a break on the drive to TN!
Crazy weird pic... Best way to honor James! I love this guy. Proud of who he has become. Proud of his…
Our family has been deeply loved & blessed by our @uncommonaustin family. We love you all.
The packing started at 8:30AM and we are just now complete. 15 hrs today. Been going since 5:30. Time for a shower & SLEEP!
A few finishing touches and this sucker is at capacity! 26' of STUFF
It's moving day... Picking up the moving truck now! I despise this stuff!
Great #workout today. 2 mile run to start. Then Shoulder, Back, Tricep & Bicep Super Sets! #muscle #fitness #gym #health
When God finds a man He can trust with His resources, He will keep them flowing abundantly. // God may I be that faithful!
#dailyprophetic You will notice ease in completing things today. God is getting you ready for the new!
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Intense #workout today. 8 min Sprints to start. Then Military Press, Dumbbell Press, Dead Lift & Push Up Super Sets. #muscle #fitness #gym
These guys greet me every day... Some days I like them, others not so much. But we are both faithful!…
Hey #ATX I still have this amazing armoire for sale before I move. Only $375 ($900 original) want it?!?!
Back at the dentist with the kiddos. It's been a dental week for our kids.
Great #workout today. 2 mile run to start. The Traps, Lats, Biceps & Triceps sets. Ended with burnouts! #muscle #fitness #gym #health
God will mess with our comfort until we choose to step out on faith and let His arms carry us through! ~ @JudWilhite
Just lost another very dear family bet to cancer. Tough night... But resting assured knowing she is in the presence of Jesus!
Once more before we leave #ATX. This place is our favorite place of all time!
I absolutely love my friend @TedHaggard and his constant friendship. He truly loves the church & loves Jesus!
Eating for lean #muscle gain & fat loss takes focus & planning. Being intentional delivers results! #finess #health
Does someone want to show up and come finish packing my house please…….
INTENSE #workout today! 15 min #HIIT the Squat & Hack Squat, Flat & Decline Bench Super Sets. Sprint's to finish. #muscle #fitness #gym