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The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
Chocolate rain, some stay dry and others feel the pain
I'm now an E-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too, by playing on iPhone!
Help me solve this puzzle, what college mascot is this
I'm about to get this Kardashian game, idgaf I can't play Pokemon all the damn time
@SamTakesOff: Africans listen to any advice #SamTakesOff” prime example of how Africans are never ass at anything
Nigga the World Cup is every four years smh RT"@3High_Tae: USA winning the World Cup in 2015"
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I missed the last second half because of this bitch ass rain, come on bruh
It's Germany's game to lose,but may the best nation go ham
I got a million dollar idea my nigga let's have turtles and snails race each other. Loser dies. Call it Turtle/Snail deathmatch.
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Tschuss Argentina, I gotta go with Germany on this one, auf wiedersein und bisbald
Wizards made a big step getting Paul Pierce, adds some experience to that squad, @Mr_iKeepitreal you should be happy
@BasedChasen: Niggas play 2k and swear they got the whole NBA figured out now” don't forget the comments section in Hoopmixtape videos
I hate watching Hoopmixtape/Ball is Life videos, dudes become NBA analysts all of a sudden and start comparing HS kids to MJ smh
Bitches be 4'10 wanting a 6'6 nigga...that ain't a relationship, that's a where the wild things are adventure
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Everyone gon talk shit about Melo going back, man just wants to play in his hometown, why is that so bad, but LeBron can do the same
Carmelo Anthony will officially announce his decision to stay with the Knicks in a few hours
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Shaq like "I don't see what LeBron did wrong?" 😂😂
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They got 5 first round picks on 2016 “@BARACKOMARCUS: The Cavs will win at least 1 title in the next 5 seasons.”
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"I was always a Cavs fan I just went for the Heat sometimes"
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The only people I ever see up on twitter this late are Armenian, and one nigga
You know you real when you can Nae Nae underwater
African Dads will come up with any excuse to not give you money #TakeOff
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I give Melo major props for wanting to compete in hometown with him playing at Syracuse in college and New York, but he💩 on his title hopes
@xcaretete: "@groovycamacho: Melo going back to the Knicks and the dodgers lost, smfh can this day get any worse" argentina could lose”jinx
All my homies in Israel, it's not easy out there, so stay safe and shalom ✊
I had a dream I was Spider-Man, and of course I was wearing the black suit smh
Brazil gon b more violent then Chicago in the summer and Mexico combined
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So the UN just gon watch this game and not do anything about it?
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Brazil got that drop the soap defense
I just turned on the game, and saw this massacre, I ran around the house trying verify the score, thought I was crazy
wale technically raps better than meek but it don’t matter. all meek gotta do is yell as usual and have heavy bass. he wins.
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