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Michael Johns
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@michaeljohns 151 - (IBD) China Tests Anti-Satellite Space Weapons As U.S. Pursues Space Disarmament -
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Obama misses majority of daily global security briefings. He does, however, have time to inflame #Ferguson protests:
The progressive plan to turn #California into Third World continues. Water dries up, children bathe once a week:
900K foreign students are in U.S. Now "hope and change" wants it even cheaper and easier for them. Americans? Who?
In Audacity of Hope, Obama wrote that #amnesty would hurt African-Americans and blue collar workers:
"We need to pass the bill to know what's in it." We're learning. #Obamacare disapproval hits new high:
#FlyEaglesFly--all over that frozen tundra. And do some Lambeau leaps. #Eagles #EaglesNation
Another @meetthepress panel that might as well be an Obama cabinet meeting. "#TeaParty is the problem":
Kurdish leader: #ISIS is at least seven times larger that U.S. federal government estimates. 200,000--and growing:
#ISIS beheads another, then promises America: "We will slaughter your people in your streets." Our border? Wide open:
U.S. companies face 15-39% fed taxes, state taxes as high as 12%, local taxes as high as 3%. #China cuts theirs:
#Iowa Dems see Hillary as inauthentic, calculating, divisive, overexposed: #TeaParty #tcot #gop
Come on up: Biden tells Guatemalans the floodgates to U.S. are open--and illegals will be given status:
#Turkey can shed its global image as a religious oppressor: Allow Halki Seminary to reopen: #Lantern
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Long before "you didn't build that," I articulated in #Dallas the reality: You DID build that (3:55 to 4:20):
.@AlleyKat2 @EDinCali Solution: Don't place your faith in political parties or politicians. Place it in spreading our #TeaParty ideas.
.@chucktodd You're the "journalist" (BHO apologist) pretending to have a UM affiliation (GWU dropout) critiquing a game you never played.
Not one but two disgracefully bad ref calls. Incomplete pass, then blatant holding. Ridiculous. #TheU #Canes #CanesFam
.@chucktodd Which is tougher: Pretending to be an objective journalist (BHO apologist) or pretending you have anything to do with #TheU?
"A raucous environment here in South Florida." That's how we like it. #TheU #Canes #CanesNation #CanesFam
Maybe it really is all about #TheU! Please don't break our hearts with a 2nd half collapse. #Canes #CanesNation #CanesFam
.@heidiponyrider I am hugely--HUGELY--impressed with the genius offensive mind Chip Kelly has brought to the @Eagles.
How's my #CanesFam feeling tonight? No tomahawk chops in our house. Take these dudes down! #TheU #Canes #MiamiVsFSU
Life is a gift of #God. Euthanasia, as @Pontifex says correctly, is a sin against Him: #Christian
"Hope and change" now has some 40 different federal agencies operating undercover against our citizens: #tlot
Politics should have no consideration in decision to pursue impeachment. We are a nation of laws:
What's really behind Obama's inability to inspire, work with others, act decisively? Ultimately, he's not a leader:
#TeaParty friends: We place our faith in #God, not man. My Independence Hall '09 remarks: #tcot
This #Christian village in #Iraq was overrun by #ISIS--until Christian charities answered the call:
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Global persecution of #Christianity has reached "biblical proportions," @OpenDoorsAU official says: #Lantern
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Confused by "net neutrality" debate? @IrisSomberg provides a thoughtful summary: #TeaParty #tcot
Police chief who targeted #TeaParty and faced federal suit suddenly too ill to work, claims disability:
@michaeljohns 900 - (IBD) Obama/Kerry U.N. Arms Treaty Gun Grab To Take Effect Dec. 24 - #2A #NRA
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Executive #amnesty, as @krauthammer correctly says, is fully impeachable offense: #NoAmnesty #gop
Paging #Occupy movement: #Amnesty will take Americans' jobs, suck public resources. And it's fueled by big money:
The lunches mandated by unelected @MichelleObama: three tomato slices, quarter of cookie: #gop
#LosAngeles mayor called on city to conserve water. Guess who isn't conserving it? #TeaParty #gop
The unemployment numbers MSM doesn't report: 85.9M working-age Americans unemployed--and 93% have given up:
#Obamacare architect who said strategy was to prey on voter "stupidity" was paid hundreds of thousands by taxpayers:
Three #Obamacare realities they conceal: 1.) New taxes, huge deficits; 2.) bureaucracy; and 3.) Oh, more bureaucracy:
#TeaParty revolution: Following decimating defeats, Democrat civil war emerging: #tcot #tlot #gop
New Obama executive order precludes Americans from suing over #Ebola exposure: #TeaParty #gop
Leaked Hillary emails show aides' arrogance, vindictiveness: "F U, Republicans." "Smite them mafia style":
#Democrat Governors fudging budgets to conceal extent of public union and other debt: #TeaParty