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Michael Johns
@michaeljohns 200- (IBD) Obama's Illegal Taliban Swap 4 Deserter #BoweBergdahl Puts Price On Our Heads
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@michaeljohns 195- (IBD) Hillarys Brain Off-Limits. Not #SarahPalin's baby - Misses WH Concussion Summit
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If you can't be at the 5K monday I will set up another time to sell t-shirts next week! #SingForNicole
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@michaeljohns 190- (IBD) Under Obama, Al-Qaida Jihadists At Gitmo Are Treated Better Than #Veterans -
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@michaeljohns 271- (IBD) As Vets Wait To Die, Callous, Clueless Obama Waits For IG Report
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GOP puts its tea party 'civil war' behind it - Los Angeles Times…
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All that #progressive praise for the #VA program designed to build #Obamacare support: Where are the apologies?
@michaeljohns 274- (IBD) Our Girls? Obama Can't Even Bring One Marine Back From Mexico
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Wasserman Schultz Declares GOP ‘Civil War’ Over: Tea Party ‘Has Swallowed The Establishment’… via @DailyCaller
Obama denounced "deplorable" #VA conditions in '07 when searching for votes--then made them worse:
"Most transparent administration in history" will not answer whether jailed #Sudan child is U.S. citizen:
The Fourth Amendment is dying quickly (and illegally): #USConstitution #teaparty #tcot #tlot
Zero truth to pro-immigration argument that we need non-Americans to fill U.S. science and tech jobs:
@michaeljohns 189- (IBD) Obama Knew Abt VA 'Death Panels' 5 Yrs Ago - Did Nothing To Prevent Vets Deaths
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Best opportunity in a decade to grow public understanding of #T1D: Support @kellywilsonnn and #SingforNicole. #diabetes
But of course: Administration fumbling #Obamacare exchange subsidies: #teaparty #tcot #tlot #gop
Federal government has now spent nearly $500M on #Obamacare commercials: #teaparty #tcot #tlot
@michaeljohns 489- (IBD) Sex Change For Traitor Bradley Manning As #Veterans Die From VA Neglect
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#SingforNicole can be a breakthrough moment in the battle against #T1D. One of many reasons to support @kellywilsonnn.
Obama blamed #TeaParty targeting on #IRS Cincinnati office. New emails prove that another lie. "Let Washington know":