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Michael Johns
#Stalin on #USA: "...its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life...undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."
GOP Report on IRS: Only Tea Party Groups Received ‘Systematic Scrutiny’
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Think there's no "Obama Doctrine"? @FinancialTimes defines it: "Attention deficit diplomacy":
#Hollywood may not get it, but @RobLowe clearly does. Kudos to him: #teaparty #tcot #tlot #gop
Breaking - testimony: NO progressive groups targeted by IRS, Democrats on committee misled… @DailyCaller
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Horrified by the trampling of #Constitution by #NSA? It's actually even worse than you think:
@michaeljohns 118- (IBD) Obama's #EPA Conducts Dangerous Human Experiments:a la Dr. Mengele
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House GOP sets first vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt over #IRS targeting… #IRStargeting
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Eric Holder defends using Justice Department airplane for 27 personal trips |
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Gutless: @mozilla also refused to send a spokesperson to defend their actions yesterday on @megynkelly. Accountability needed now.
Here's a question for @mozilla: 14% of #gay Americans oppose gay #marriage. Are they also unwelcome as employees there?
The fact that @mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign over a campaign contribution made 6 years ago is totally ridiculous.
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The cowardly will sheepishly say nothing about @mozilla. Brave, principled and liberty-minded executives need to stand up and denounce it.
I've just read the @mozilla statement from yesterday. It's one of the most cowardly, Orwellian and hypocritical corporate statements ever.
‘Cat’s out of the bag’ on IRS targeting scandal:…
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Manuel Vega served three #Iraq combat tours. #Virginia apartment complex now wants him evicted for flying U.S. flag:
#Obamacare creates insurance for 60K in #Maryland--and kills it for 73K others there: #tcot #MD
We didn't fight to end the #ColdWar, @PatrickBuchanan, so Russian tanks could illegally roll over #Simferopol. You're smart; you know this.
Why does the U.S. Department of Education have an armed division?:
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True: An American can't board a U.S. flight with a regular tube of toothpaste, but Mexicans can take underground trains illegally into U.S.
Asked to name her most significant accomplishment as SOS, @HillaryClinton understandably can't name one:
Partisanship, @HillaryClinton says, is holding America back? She can live her words by ending the #Benghazi lies: