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Michael Ian Black
comedian comedy actor 1,932,809 followers
More recent, please. RT @DavidYazbek I'm an Emmy-winner. #EmmyWinner
If any Emmy winners want to come to my after-party, I'm at an inexpensive rental apartment in Norwalk, CT.
You're a dear friend. RT @JakeBasner I once waved to you from a 7-11 in Saginaw as @mshowalter bought cigarettes.
And you are... ? RT @toddbarry Am I a dear friend?
Chelsea is a dear friend. RT @NotoriousRoxy Do you know @ChelseaVPeretti?
Al is a dear friend. RT @mjv1975 You looked great as Weird Al
My annual reminder that I know a lot of the Emmy nominees and winners. It's a real honor for you guys to follow me.
It was a hard gig for me to turn down, but I think @sethmeyers was a great back-up choice to host the Emmys. Good luck, buddy!
If I don't win an Emmy tonight it's only because Jews don't control ENOUGH of the media.
I am now at an age where I am unable to distinguish between beauty and youth.
Just rated everybody at this departure gate by coolness: I am second.
"IFC Buys Brothel Comedy From Jamie Denbo, Kerri Kenney & Chelsea Handler."😉…L
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"What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings"…
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For people not in the industry: "sat" means "Saturday" MT @jaketapper Sat trucks, Baptist Church parking lot
You may not be able to fool all the people all the time, but if you try to fool me you should be fine.
Why does he have cum dribbling down his chin?
I KNOW!!! RT @manatdesk saw your icebucketchallenge and your face is kidney failure swollen.
100% guaranteed it will turn out Lee Harvey Oswald shot Suge.
To @JoshCharles, I did my ALS challenge yesterday before your nomination and donated to…
So frustrating. Just wrecked it BECAUSE I checked it.
So what if Floyd Mayweather can't read? At least he doesn't talk about "The Goldfinch."
I succumbed. No eyes, fat face, greasy hair.… Donate at