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Michael Clarke
I recently started work on a new piece for 'The Day of the Doctor' and I'm really pleased with the results......
RIP to the one and only Egon Spengler...
Clara Oswald and Danny Pink... Series Eight begins Autumn 2014
Joe Wilkinson, shouting does not equal funny. Tosser. #8outof10catsDoesCountdown
There's a man putting a condom on a fake dick on @itvthismorning
It's been a while, but here it is!
Wonder what the chances are of my UPS package arriving early is? Probably still better than #ManUtd winning a match.
you can guarantee that as soon as a new album (or any new material) from La Roux drops that's all I'll be playing.
I'm all over #Sherlock like a bad rash. Just finished rewatching 'Reichenbach'... still hurts.
A nice ten-hour Xmas Eve shift tomorrow. Could go either way really.
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends…” - Me, on the way to work during December.
"Have you got any of those iPads that have been available since October but I'm leaving to the last minute?"
And now it's time for one last bow, Just like your other selves... Eleven's Hour is over now, The clock is...
Check this out, folks... It's my artwork! Featured in a 'Message to Matt' created by Who Fan Adam Smith, the...
Keep your eyes peeled for some Christmas artwork... maybe even a Farewell Eleven image or two!
Twitter is the game that has changed the world the most? Deep, very deep. @charltonbrooker #C4videogames
'Will this obscure software from 1998 work on this brand new iMac?' - yes, but maybe consider moving with the times.
'So what sort of discounts do you do on these?' - none. If you don't want it at the actual price, there's a queue of people who do.
'Do I get a discount for paying cash?' Of course not you fucking cretin.
Remember when I went to see Skyfall at the cinema five times? 12 and a half hours well spent. @007 #noregrets
So, it's been 24 hours... Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary?