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Michael Canning
Wine, obviously. But very very nice wine, not obviously.
A horse wearing a lampshade, obviously.
What's the point of an airport lounge when it's so packed that there seems to be less people not in the lounge than in it!? #airportlounge
Oh my! #DailyFail@ThePoke: Just picked up an early edition of tomorrow's Daily Mail…
Never understood Prince's music. Listening to his new album Art Official Age. Funky tunes but he sounds like an old woman being strangled.
Listening to the new Kerry Ellis album - love the Take That Look off Your Face remix. Great job @kerryjaneellis1
My latest painting: Coloured dots. [acrylic on canvas]
Looking forward to sampling @British_Airways new Height Cuisine menu tomorrow with ingredients naturally high in umami (うま味) #BritishAirways
Smart, knowledgeable AND attractive - @suziperry - great to have a female presenter chosen not just for her good looks. @bbcf1 #Formula1
Bad Education on @bbcthree - superb writing, characterisation and actors. @LaytonWilliams and @charliewernham are particularly brilliant.
Last night's Gogglebox - it just gets better and better. Award-winning television.
I've never stopped to admire the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road Underground station before...
Kids Playing With A Fire Hose During Coast Guard Demonstration - LOL!
Exploring the city walls today in #Derry The sun is out and it's a great day for sightseeing. #ExpediaExplores
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My hotel has a 2pm check-in time. They offered me a 9am check-in at a cost of an extra half day! Should I be annoyed or is this reasonable?
One of my favourite Squares in London - Trinity Church Square - often used as a film location. #TrinityChurchSquare
Enjoying a quick lunch in Exchange Bar & Restaurant before checking out more of #Derry City. #ExpediaExplores
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I've decided... A rant a day keeps the doctor away. What's your rant today? #arantadaykeepsthedoctoraway
This 196ft mega yacht is absolutely stunning, I'd be happy to move in tomorrow… #superyacht
Love that Billy Connolly is in Bangalore. Now I really cannot wait to visit next week! #wdytya
LUXY - Silicon Valley's Newest Dating App Is 'Tinder Without the Poor People'…
The Hogarth #HealthClub
Wow! Amazon's TRANSPARENT is excellent! I wasn't expecting all the sex and nudity :-] #transparent_tv
Found these in the larder. Best before August which I believe means I must eat the entire pack tonight. #nomnom
That feeling when the National Lottery email you the exciting news that you've won a prize and you login to find out you've won £2.90 😭
Whilst I find Gordon Ramsay entertaining and he often has a point, I would LOVE to seem him taken down a peg or two! #CostaDelNightmares
I'm really not sure about the Taken 3 trailer - makes it appear the film might be a little dull!… #Taken3 #Tak3n
I hate when this happens! Panic in the edit for X Factor producers... @TheXFactor @TheXFactorUK
I think this person wants their car to be stolen... #hijack #carhijack
What is the obsession with the song Let It Go from Frozen? Isn't it a mediocre song from a average movie? #LetItGo
In an Uber cab on my way to Fulham & I'm directing the driver! He hasn't a clue! Black taxi cabbies don't ask you to navigate.
People who frustrate me when I'm in a rush: the elderly, school children, tourists, people who doddle, businessmen, lollipop ladies, myself.
Can't say enough positive things about #Cilla. Superb! Congrats to all the cast & crew involved in bringing the story to screen. #CillaBlack
Seriously, who takes 4 days to get married? Wish this human rights lawyer would hurry up & marry this actor. #AmalAlamuddin #clooneywedding
Lady Mary is quite the girl and I like it. Naughty Mary! #ladymary #DowntonAbbey
My homemade organic carrot and lemon cake
I'm baking and the sodium bicarbonate has went AWOL - what must one do?
This lady is probably the best actress in the entire world.…
Sadly, the iconic letters BBC have now been removed from the side of TC1 at BBC Television Centre, forever. ;-( #BBCTVC
The process for booking train tickets in India is the most complicated, absurd & illogical system EVER. It makes me so angry. Shame on IRCTC
Wow! Very impressed by @topmanUK's new personal shopping service using Google+, very innovative!… # GooglePlus
How the "George Clooney wedding" should be reported if this world wasn't so celebrity obsessed....
Northern Ireland still happiest place in UK -… I need to go back home for a good old dose of NI.