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Russell Brand and Nigel Farage will face each other on Question Time next week
Retweeted by michaela✝
Might get a elliptical trainer for Christmas which is fucking sad 😂
It's gutting that I never have time to go to the gym anymore 😭
I never played by the rules And i never really cared
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No one gets how much I hate uni, like no one actually understands how much I truly despise it 😖
Buying yourself one of these bad boys at the school disco and using it as a catapult for the whole night
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I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you
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The worst part of all Is he just don't care
Gutted I missed going to costa with the girls because of work 😭
can't believe this years nearly over, it's been the best/worst/weirdest year of my life
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And that made absolutely nae sense, clearly too tired from a day of doing fuck all 😂
Hate the way twitter quotes usernames, always happens when you're trying to favourite something
Can't stand the battery life on my phone, literally lasts for like 3 hours 😂
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Having a job teaches me the value of money more than a lesson at school ever did
Some people say "love" Some people say "why?" Some people don't love They just want a free ride
I don't know know where I'm running But I know how to run Because running's the thing I've always done
Can't believe my belly piercing has actually rejected, y me?
I don't care what people say The rush is worth the price I pay
Being illiterate as fuck makes creating an email really difficult x x
Sooner I find something to do instead of being at uni the better 😂
So cringy and embarrassing when people flirt and it's not reciprocated 😂😭
I hate wishing time away but study sessions in the library are enough to make me
Sometimes you can't explain what you feel for a person
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Don't actually know how girls can accept that their boyfriend talks/flirts with other girls 😷
I'm actually so annoying when I'm wrecked
Retweeted by michaela✝
Think I've forgotten how to study (after doing absolutely fuck all, all sixth year). It's becoming quite a problem 😂
I'll never understand why people study for assignments days in advance, it's a good day if I do any the night before
My god I thought you were someone to rely on
Can't wait for payday on Friday 😏
Actually feel so drained after that shift, that must have been the busiest day of the year so far
If I'm proper sarcastic with you, it means I'm trying to flirt with you, or you really fucking annoy me. Have fun working out which one. 👍
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These starter packs are getting very very shite and very very annoying
Retweeted by michaela✝
Love work in general tbh 💜
Actually love Friday's at work because they're not overly busy but not dead either
Then again, it's probably a thing of won't do rather than not actually being able to do but still, point still stands