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Getting patched is beyond irritating
Always forget to clock in and out at work 😐
Canny remember the last time my hair looked decent 😂😭 trying to go back to your original colour is so hard
HAHAHHAHA a chemistry module was not in the consensus when I signed up for the fucking course
Can never be fucked explaining anything 😴
Actually love that time passes so quick at work! 😍 always kept busy then as soon as I get home I'm exhausted from all the running about 😂
I'm less of a cunt than I used to be
more and more likely I'll go backpacking over Europe in the Summer (and if I like it I'm no coming back)
much as I love uni, a part of me wishes I could just go off and travel the world while I'm young
biology more like BYEology because this bitch is outta here
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Can't get over the stupidity of people who won't vote SNP because they voted no in the referendum
wished I could talk openly about feelings and shit but I can just tell that no one would understand
Hello NYC I am here for the launch of my book Revolution. It's about time you had another one (a revolution, not a book.)
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The 28th of each month is the best 💷😍
I actually ask too many questions, I'm so nosey hahaha
Every time I want to go on wifi I have to move nearer to the modem as the signal doesn't reach my bedroom 😭 so frustrating
I actually don't understand how my Mum has been "cooking" my dinner for over an hour, it's oven baked chips and sausage rolls? s t a r v i n
when you're sober but u have to drag your drunk friend home
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I do know how to spell dyslexia btw, not too srs
My texts never make any sense, it's just the dislecksia
Visiting the Amazon rainforest would be top of my bucket list (if I had one)
This would be perfect with the right people. 🌎🍂
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