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Actually feel so drained after that shift, that must have been the busiest day of the year so far
If I'm proper sarcastic with you, it means I'm trying to flirt with you, or you really fucking annoy me. Have fun working out which one. 👍
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These starter packs are getting very very shite and very very annoying
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Love work in general tbh 💜
Actually love Friday's at work because they're not overly busy but not dead either
Then again, it's probably a thing of won't do rather than not actually being able to do but still, point still stands
Chemistry can actually do one
How life would be easier if I was naturally smart 😂
Fuck sake, should have known that would work out that way 😂
The one day I really want to get home early and work schedule a meeting for 6pm, kill me
You give me just a taste of love to build my hopes apart
Scottish patter is the best patter
The way my mum acts being English is enough to make me despise England's general attitude
Now I know what a fool I've been But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again
imagine this game if we went Independent..
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Royalty is the worst thing about Britain
it's actual close enough to child abuse when kids are made to do too many chores
Wonder how any NO voter can stand & sing Flower of Scotland tonight. Singing about overcoming a country who they just voted to govern them??
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Constantly feeling like I'm being far too clingy and I hate it
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Are Christmas songs actually in my head? Too far being this excited already😂🎄🎅
Physically can't keep my eyes open 😂
I just want you for my own More than you could ever know
Think I feel one way then the next minute I feel a different way, u wottttt
I don't know how I feel about anything or anyone, ever
When you have a cute conversation with bae before bed
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Due blocking all these starter pack accounts, not funny in the slightest 😴
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Love when I'm given extra hours at work 💷😍
There's a 0.1% chance I'll make uni through the first year, utter shite my course 😂😭
Smoking should be banned, it's vile 😷
Sitting in the staff room is so awkward when no one speaks, hate quietness aw naw
"Should be a cook" Aye hen cause folk go out for dinner and order fucking microwave mashed tatties wi chicken dippers n bisto gravy
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Feel embarrassed for people that revolve their life's around campaigning for the legalisation of weed
I've changed so much lately and I'm not sure if I like it
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I don't think anything through, it's unreal how spur of the moment I am 😂
When your teacher gives a 20 minute speech about not wasting time.
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Shattered (as per usual)
Absolutely give up with uni 😴 it's not for me
My life is like a card house A delicate construction
Can't stand sitting around at home on weeknights
Came out of the bookies with a small fortune. Problem is I went in with a large fortune
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I'd do anything to go back to the days when people actually had house parties, going out (in Ayr) is shite 😂😭
Love work but hate the impact it has on my social life 😭