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Hate things being on my mind, swear it gives me insomnia 😀
Don't know how to handle feeling like this
Feel sick at the thought of my weight atm gads😷
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We're our greatest enemy. Nobody can stop u but u. Keep saying "I can't" you'll forever not be able to do it. Chase that dream then live it.
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Have so much shit I just want to let out tbh
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Don't see the point in lying, liars always get found out in the end.
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if i argue with you i care, im not going to argue with someone idgaf about.
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Be straight up with me. That's all I ask.
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I get drunk embarrassingly easily
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bet this will be the longest night of my life fs
#GrowingUpWithMyName having this under my name in Microsoft word
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Can feel myself get more annoying by the day
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I will never understand people who can actually pick a favourite colour. #ilovethemall 🎨🎨🎨
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I can't be arsed getting drunk no more but I also hate being in a pub sober so :)))
Bet I'd feel better about myself if I was toned as fuck, my diet is a joke atm :))
Why does everything revolve around alcohol? Like can we not have fun sober?? 😐
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No fucking way did Susan Boyle go to T hahahaha
Susan Boyle went to #TITP and it looks like she had the best bloody weekend of her life
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It's so shite seeing all the talk about T, so regretting not going 😩
Some of the stories coming back from TITP are ridiculous haha, the place must have been mental
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I've always been a dreamer And dreams are special things But dreams are of no value If they're not equipped with wings
Still gutted there isny a TITP snapchat so a canny see folk tannin 2 bombs, gubbin eccies n shaggin munters while their pal pishes oan them.
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If u ever get rejected from a job application just think of all the bad stuff I do at work n I'm still employed n ul feel even worse x
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Clearly wasn't thinking when I went for a phone that costs 1400 over 24 months :))
Love that my iTunes is connected to my mum's bank account, doubt she'll notice a few quid missing 👌🏻
getting so fed up with waiting around and it's happening more and more
never wanted anything more than to take a year out and go backpacking around Europe, only one thing stopping me
wanna be in LA driving a sports car 😏😛
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least I've managed to sort half this mess, only fucked my elbow in the process :)
sometimes wonder why I've got such a temper then live with parents who only listen when I show it :))) oh well what works works :)))
I'll be destroyed if this doesn't sort itself out
i'm actually a moody bastard, hate it
Actual sooo glad i've stopped drinking so much, such a waste and also can be awfy embarrassing 😳😂
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Now I'll be down to about £220 a month hahahahaha
scary that I've just quit my job that was giving me £250 a week after tax, esp since I wasn't needing to pay a penny towards anything
You've just made me feel like the shittest person out there but nah it's alright, you go out and enjoy yourself xx
And you say my work fucks our plans?

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