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canny believe I'm spending over a grand on you, fuck sake hahaha
fuck saving, I prefer spending now xx
So excited I'm on holiday tonight until Monday but bringing a suitcase to work will be so embarrassing hahhaa
And I know just where to touch you And I know just what to prove
miles better than waiting about anyway, if I have to take much more of this shit I know what I'll do :)
some days I just want to go back to how it used to be; being steaming constantly and not giving a fuck about anything
aw wait that was fifth year, last year I only done 2 exams after getting kicked out most classes hahaha @ my life
A year ago I was cheating in every single one of my exams hahahahaha
waiting for Friday will actually be the longest wait of my life
can't believe that phone call man, if I wasn't feeling emotional enough I fucking am now
Keep charging my phone in the hope it's working again but every time it just keeps sending random letters and numbers to my contacts 😓
this has been the most stressful week of my life
actually never felt more sick with worry in my life, I fucking hate this
know that way when you really wanna start speaking to someone again but don't have the first clue what to say :///
Your the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last before I go to sleep.
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wished I'd had have just went to Glasgow last night but I already know I would have created later mistakes
i'm so close to just not caring anymore about anything, it's hard enough you being away without this :))
I'm making myself depressed with sitting in but there's no point doing anything when I only wanna be with you
28,000 English northerners have now signed a petition to leave England and join Scotland.
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gads this will be my first weekend sitting in in about 15 weeks and I'm already so bored
I'd 100% chose a movie night over drinking
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literally just sent the riskiest message through facebook and I'm too paranoid to even go on and check for a reply, gr8
If I wasn't such a fucking idiot I wouldn't have so much making up to do
time flies by, so fucking scary
hhhaahh still can't believe my Mum found out about Kyle sneaking in my window when they were sleeping
How gid is Dolly Parton but
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hate boys that try to talk when they know you're in a relationship
I've actually worked every single day for the past 8 weeks, am living a quality life x
We're one mistake from being together But let's not ask why it's not right
Actually can't wait to get Kyle tonight but knowing that's the last time I'll see him for a week destroys me 😩
After what happened tonight I don't know how my mum will ever trust me again 😂
Aw nice wee time getting to bed when I'm getting up at 6, love it :))))
Only saving grace is I get on with them
Sitting in Kyle's house with his parents until he comes back in like 3 hours, I swear tae fuck I never thought this through
For the work I do I should be paid about 600 a week 😩
Hate feeling like this but I just know it'll last until you're back 😩 actually glad I'm at work to take my mind off things
Missing someone is the fucking worst, can't handle you being away 😨😂
See the amount of fucking times I go on a message as the person's typing, just about give myself a heart attack every time
I give up with trying to talk to folk on Facebook that are "active now" but take hours to read my fucking messages x x x
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It's not being rude, it's having morals 👋
I've not had a single day off work in about 5 weeks 😵😂
I think I've been home about 4.5 hours in the last 3 days 😂 such a good weekend though, And Carlton tonight was brilliant
You don't know the difficulty of replying to a text until you read the one I've just received, holy fuck😂
Canny believe I got lost giving my dad directions to Kyle's house, I've only walked there about 20 times
My head is battling with my heart My logic has been torn apart
Late night watching television But how we get in this position?
yah fuck people who say women can't run the country when they've just blew every man out the water
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