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I'm the kind of person that just laughs at everything and anything so immature but I lavvvv it🌚
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@michaelbhoy20: I have a surprise item which will make a appearance at the airport on saturday....” @metpoliceuk
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Thinking it's a good thing I'm leaving Belmont at this time, the amount of people I can't look in the eye because of drunken happenings
Want to go a giant walk in the rain with someone but I've no one to walk with and it's no raining
Actually sat up all night thinking, hate being like this😔
Why do they even sell blinds that aren't blackout? Aw aye, for eejits to buy (ft Kayla's maw and da)
Seeing the sun start to rise when I'm just getting to bed is the most annoying thing, keeps me awake so much😴
I fucking love lettice
Constantly have like nae sleep, how dae I cope?
It's a shame you never go to things like that 😳
Wished I went out tonight but 😴
Love talking to some folk👌
Hate being ill and sleep deprived🔫😫
I used to go to every party and get to the stage of blacking out/being sick (or both😂😂). That's actually so embarrassing, my god😫
I walked away from what I wanted and that's something I'll just have to live with
My life would be so much better if you'd just drop dead
I eat less during the summer because I always wake up too late for breakfast, it's well gid
I give up with psychology, leaving revision till the last day was stupid
Never been so excited just to get an exam over and done with
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seriously need to get more toned😓💪
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eventful night, they're the best kind
Folk called Martin talking about me even though the only Martin I've heard of is Martin fae the scheme, kl (plz don't also, whoever u r)