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If it wasn't for twitter, I'd have no idea when Mother's Day is
'attention is nothing if its not from the person you want it from most'
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All I want is for someone to invent wireless charging💁
👩+ 🐳 = fighttttttttt
Oh, you're buying a motorbike? Probably the only thing that would ever give you a ride
I want hunners of gym clothes. Seen so many sports bras/running leggings/shorts I want 😍✔️
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Politics, from Latin..."Poly," meaning "many," and the word "Tic" meaning "blood sucking parasite." Most accurate thing I've read👌
If Lisa gets me uninvited from this party I will slap her✋
Can never argue/debate something over twitter because the 180 character limit prevents me getting my point across
You're fat and nibbling on lettuce? Oh plz babe, you don't fool anyone xo
The temptation to send a magnifying glass back to that "accidental" dick pic I just got was unreal
They're slutting it and I need a committed pall
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Most of the "perfect boyfriend" quotes are really cringy, and I'd rather shoot myself than be in a relationship like that ✋
Obviously love drama, life would be boring without it 😂
My right to free-speech comes before your right to be offended
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Could swear the whole school was talking about that tweet/fb thingy today 😂