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Michael Clifford
Sorry we couldn't say hi to you guys outside the radio station, thank you all for coming love you❤️
i know every word to every song on eminem curtain call and I have no shame
Is it bad to nap at 5 pm for like 3 hours?
Me and @JohnFeldy have dubbed @AlexAllTimeLow the Celine dion of pop punk
I think the the guys are about to sneeze... at the same time... #5SOSGMA
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Fake DMs will be the death of me
Thanks all you lads in Charlotte. will miss you
I thought it was a fan and it was cute
I thought dancing was cool. guess not
Listen iphone you REALLY need to stop autocorrecting 'fuck' to 'duck'
I love you guys so much
Nxjcjdenxnkjcndmslqlpxijenwmxkciwhwkcoskxlksncldnndmrnrk that is all
Hi our Amnesia EP is out now if you wanna buy it 😁�
I have played so many games today
it would fulfill so many dreams if i could be a power ranger. even for one episode
I know pretty much every word to the first half of these..... god damn I loved power rangers…
realizing the 5sos amnesia ep comes out here in America tomorrow like
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Fusion rifle noobs in destiny make me sad
My moms gonna be so excited when she sees that photo
*new magazine comes out* "brand new interview with 5 seconds of summer!!!" *photos two hair colours behind michael's current hair color*
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Need..... waffles.....
Die young and save yourself 🎶
El Paso you looked like breaking bad. I will miss you
Why is cinnamon chewing gum a thing? Just make it watermelon plz
I could use a Vegemite sandwich right now #trueblue #aussie
Wish you were here, im a wounded satellite.
Spongebob is the best show on television
Never take seeing the people you care about for granted
Me and @bjevz are about to experience a food coma
America is a big ass country
Would I be out of line if I said I miss you?
Too many incubus lyrics that I want to tweet
First fan I saw in Arizona flashed me
Arizona is nice and hot
It's so awkward when we stop at Starbucks cause everyone else goes in and gets stuff and I'm just like 😶 I don't drink coffee