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Only been one day since last @penguins game and I'm already starting to have withdrawal symptoms. #hockeyaddict #nhl
Hopefully the @steelers don't meltdown in Oakland like they have on their last several visits. #herewegosteelers #nfl #SteelersNation
Nice win by the @steelers need to score touchdowns, but wins a win.
Police probe anti-Ted Cruz tweets ...if Turd Cruz can't take the heat, get out !!!
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No @penguins game, I'm bored
Loved watching my @penguins put down the @NHLFlyers in Philadelphia nothing better. I do wish the flyers get better so it's more intense.
Naps are outstanding
Just want to congratulate the @Pirates for an amazing season and happy belated birthday to our MVP @TheCUTCH22 see you all next year
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I love Dropbox because it makes it pretty much impossible to lose my files i love it!!!
Tune in to @MLB_TBS today as your Buccos try to punch their ticket to the NLCS! Game Preview:
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Let's go Bucs, you got this our year!!! #BucN #Buctober #seeyouinla
Didn't get the win but still proud as hell of my @Pirates they will get it done on Wednesday time for the Cole train baby. #Buctober #BucN
Hey @espn i thought you said the @Pirates are just happy to be in the post season and the @Cardinals show up in the PS. #idiot
Raise the Jolly Roger! GIF recap from the @Pirates' NL #WildCard Game win:
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#GTAOnline sux freezes constantly can't even save my character because you guessed it freezes before I save or after I beat Lamar so yeah...
Cherish this moment, Pittsburgh. Your Pirates are headed to St. Louis: @TMobile #unleash Watch postseason on TBS.
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Liriano strikes out Choo and we're underway in Pittsburgh
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Can you believe it’s already October? RT if you’re celebrating your birthday this month!
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Oh and Republican officials your not off my hook either your fucking this country up just as much as @BarackObama. #growthefuckup
Wow @BarackObama we have the greatest country on the planet no thanks to you. Conversely, we have the worst government thanks to you. #moron
Excited as hell for the first playoff game ever for the @Pirates at PNC Park!!!
This is the first time in a week that I haven't got up little earlier to play gta 5 before I have to leave If you don't have it getit #GTA5
Give em hell @Pirates you got this I can taste the home field advantage already. Get em boys let em loose. #fuckthereds #raiseit #BucN
Then let's bring this thing back to Pittsburgh on Tuesday and lets put away another mistake in Ohio and I'm not talkin bout Cleveland #BucN
Nothing feels better then when my @Pirates beat a disrespectful and arrogant team like the @Reds!!! Let's get another.
Does anyone actually give a shit about having an NFL game in London? The answer is no. My @steelers are bad enough w/out Goin round da world
I'm super proud of my buccos. Now the @Pirates need to take 2 of 3 from the asshole reds maybe give that prick Phillips a bean. #BucN #win
And also while I'm bitching and complaining @Pirates didn't do much better these are games you gotta win A win yesterday would have been big
Wow really @steelers this some bad football happening right now and I'm just trying to figure out WTF is wrong with you guys! Fix it ASAP!
What a feeling! The grit this team has! They never quit! #STFD #BUCN #RAISEIT #PackPNC
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Got my copy of #GTA5. Do you??? Well if not, get up and go get that ish. #awesome
Come on @Pirates really the @Padres your gonna let them beat you while in a pennant chase. #beattheteamsyoursupposedto #getittogetherman
Ever since big ben had a kid Steelers have been losing he needs to move his son to Ohio where bad luck comes from lol #kiddingnotkidding #jk
I don't wanna leave out the families of the victims of the navy yard shooting. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. #stoptheviolence
This shit gotta stop we got enough problems without some pussy crybaby shooting people up cause there said that asshole is garbage.
Hope that fucker who shot all those people at the navy yard burns in hell. Ptsd or not there is now excuse what a POS. #reallyfucker
And seriously todd Hailey a reverse to your slowest wideout.... and these screens these fucking screens aren't working fuck off already #WTF
I'm starting a campaign to bring back Dan Rooney from Ireland to run the @steelers again. #comehomepaparooney
Also @steelers Dan needs to get out of Ireland and run this team because his son Art for some reason doesn't have it in him like his dad and
And seriously @steelers I know he doesn't have a ton of talent to work with, but toad Haileys offense is horrible. #FireToddHaley
Bad, bad sports night for my city. @steelers are horrible, @Pirates get shutout, @penguins lost to Detroit in their preseason game. #badday
Now it's time for a little pens preseason hockey. #itsback #nhl #letsgopens