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Dave Shea
designweb design 144,957 followers
2012: #1646. 2013: #1063. 2014: #520. Not a bad improvement in my placing.
And done. Think I tied last year's time, but last year didn't have headwinds and I didn't break a spoke. So I'll take it.
Oiled and pumped, ready to roll for the third year.
Pro tip: @mainstreetbeer has my IPA on right now. May want to hurry though.
Heads up to friends who were asking: the IPA cask I brewed with @mainstreetbeer will be on in their tasting room Friday evening.
Awating paper tickets in the mail from Rail Europe. Wait, is it still 1983?
Today's doodle is tragically tone deaf in British Columbia. #bced
Anyway, topped off at 1003km and 14000m elevation for August. Think I'm ready for next weekend's Whistler Gran Fondo.
Rainy early morning ride. Reaction to my being soaked to the bone: raucous laughter. So I made her breakfast out of spite.
Up to 962.9km for the month. Two guesses what's happening tomorrow morning.
The days are getting dark too early for these mid-week mountain climbs. Final one today, best time yet, wish I had another month of this.
Then this happened. Think I'm gonna like it here.
Think I've finally, finally found a way to resolve public/private Facebook tension. Unfriended everyone but family.
Seems reasonable to assume the Germans have a word for that one. Something like historichkommitbechämt must exist.
What's the word for not even wanting to git blame dumb code that's been around forever because you're pretty sure you won't like the answer?
Slightly longer beer run than normal.…
If you can successfully Shazam what your neighbour is playing through the wall, I guess that's the time to go over and knock?
Working theory is that Calgary is exporting only its best and brightest to Vancouver, because I have yet to meet a bad import.
Feeling good about my progression climbing that damned mountain all summer long.
The faves-in-timelines thing is bad enough, but now this? For the first time, considering life after Twitter.
Brewing a bit more volume than normal tonight @mainstreetbeer
How do we get from the disgrace that is journalism today to apolitical public funding that negates the need for a business model?
Wait, Vancouver has a chance at having a stroopwafel cart? This must happen.…
Large local tech company just informed me a phone photo of a document is unacceptable. But a fax is.
Rainy day caused random memory of the phrase 'pumpkin spice'. NO. Not ready yet.
Vote today for topics you think you might care about in 7 months! (Or, more likely, just vote for your friends.) I do miss Austin though.
My first shipment from @TheRoastersPack included coffee cherry tea, which is pretty neat.
I guess I'm a typical >25 year old then, but that's still depressing.…
I always wondered if there was a fatal flaw in SETI's assumptions. This new idea sounds more promising.…
Long weekends are for long rides to new breweries. Hi @YellowDogBeer, you're a welcome addition to the local scene.
Whose stupid idea was this weekly Cypress Mountain ride? Oh... right.
It's the non-chalant Geiger counter reading at the end that really locks in the stupidity.…
Shared keyboard shortcuts for Group/Ungroup across all design apps ever made. And a unicorn. And a million dollars.
Fresh Norwegian coffee in the V60 this afternoon. Hey @revolver_coffee, thanks for bringing in @timwendelboe
115km, two flat tires, one forgotten passport, and a trip over the handlebars later, I'd say we earned this ice cream.
Nidhogg tournament finale on the big screen.
Decent designers, too. RT @Barley_Mowat: "Self loathing, heaping inadequacy w/ a dash of impostor syndrome makes for a decent homebrewer."
And to add to that last RT, this epic troll.…
#Skytrain is closed and will be for several hours due to computer failure. Don't even try. Pic @CKNW
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Lacto-fermented carrots are pretty great, but what happens when you dry hop them with Citra? I'll find out in August.
She playfully threatens to cut her hair even shorter. I counter by threatening a goatee. Game, set, match.
Theory: @TheAdnostic is the best wife... no, the best *person* in the world.