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Meryn Nixon
Drinking neat rum & swilling it round my mouth every time I leave the stage because I have wisdom tooth pain... #3ShowDay
You have a good sense of what you need to do in order to incre... More for Leo
Been up since 4. So tired! They're looking after us very well in Carlisle though. I have the best job ever. I'm Anna!
@DramaQueenMeryn yes but think how much pleasure you will bring to people with that lovely voice. Good luck Princess x
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I have to get up at 4.30 tomorrow as I'm back out on tour... 3 show day. *cries*
Selfies with the gorgeous @lucykayofficial. Mum made me cut her out of the pout-pic 😂 We should've done it instead �
@DramaQueenMeryn Horrified to hear! People thought that you would mine !!! guess they were so surprised to hear such an awesome voice live x
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@DramaQueenMeryn know you've made it when people think you're miming! Haha
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You may choose to play the role of the noble diplomat today, p... More for Leo
Love this pic from Kidfest with my bestie :) I'm meant to be a Disney princess but I feel more like a superhero 😂
I'm meant to be a Disney princess but I feel more like a superhero in this pic 😂 A superhero & a rockstar. #kidfest #kidfest2014 #bestie #bestmates #bestfriends #disney #ariel #littlemermaid #wig #red #redhair #superhero #cool #bright #greatday
Bloody love this :) #timehop #WallisSimpson #quote
Hilarious to hear that there were a few people that thought I was miming at Kidfest. I do not mime :) Flattered to hear that though haha!
Right! Off to go be Anna again for someone's birthday :) Smiling constantly really really hurts your face 😂
@Robbie_Gaffney Standard banter 👌 There are some strange people on here 😂 xxxx
Weird seeing @DramaQueenMeryn all dressed up and frozen-fied! Break a leg 😊😛
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@sashahughesx3 hahaha! Get these on Facebook 😂
Some pictures from yesterday :) selfies with @DramaQueenMeryn never seem normal...
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