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Meryn Nixon
Bit of #XFactor before a busy day! I only like the initial auditions. Seeing talented people as they are before the system ruins them 🎀🎢🎸✨
Bit of 'The Boat That Rocked' haha :) Love it! #timehop #politicians #music #Theboatthatrocked #film #quote #dreams #song
Yay @sammiejayfans! There's finally a fan page for the lovely @sammiejaymusic! :D Everyone follow them both. I'm a huge sammie supporter :)
@joehughes89 You're always doing TIE :L I'm from Oxford (down south) I live in Barrow (north from you) you got excited cos it was by the sea
@joehughes89 Cambridge is miles from anywhere haha. How come you're there? x
@joehughes89 Joe... I live up north, like you. Cambridge is faaaaaar away πŸ˜‚
@joehughes89 same place as ever m'dear :P x
@joehughes89 The comedy stylings of Joe Hughes πŸ˜‚
Keep seeing viral posts about @sammiejaymusic! Yay! She deserves all the praise & recognition she gets! Proud to support her, she's a star.
Today @BTWitsLAURENk & I saw a girl who was so effortlessly hot that it made me reevaluate my whole life :L
Lovely morning with @BTWitsLAURENk, now off into ulverston with the fam :)
What begins as a good time could morph into hard work now that... More for Leo
@samadders Haha! Very true! How philanthropic of him ;)
I didn't realise that philanthropist meant war mongering scumbag... Must update my dictionary. #GQ #GQAwards
Your anticipation of the unknown heightens your sense of excit... More for Leo
Stumbled across the cover of Tell Me On A Sunday that I did for my college a few years ago & now I'm missing it :(…
Everyone should follow @AndreaFaustini1 :) He's super talented! #PugLove
I have the best job ever, but I am glad of a little break today, especially with my bad leg. Hope you're all having a lovely day! :)
@_hiptomyheart Haha! Love every second, even when you struggle. Make the most of every opportunity. SWEAT πŸ˜‚ Shine β­οΈβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’« You'll be amazing! πŸ˜ƒ
@_hiptomyheart How exciting! Best of luck with it! :D
You might want more change than is possible now; however, ther... More for Leo
It seems as if your most noble intentions are being thwarted b... More for Leo
@DramaQueenMeryn I'm off to liverpool today to enrol on my new musical theatre course :)
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@DramaQueenMeryn busy at my day job of being en engineering manager but secretly wishing I was doing something more "Marvellous"
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@dumbwitness Aww! Once you go Marvellous you never go back πŸ˜‚ Did you enjoy Kidfest?
@_hiptomyheart Oh awesome! How exciting! Where is this? When do you start? Tell me all :D
Sending masses of love, luck & 'break a leg's to @Kierbro & @oliversavile as they open in Phantom tonight! :D
How are we all today? I've moaned a fair bit about my leg the past couple of days but what's going on with you guys? Spill! :)
So after touring the country with Return To Arendel today I finally have a show in my town! I can't walk properly but I'll power through :D
I think @AndreaFaustini1 should follow me, just saying πŸ˜‡#PugLoverr#HesAmazingg
Oh wow, I absolutely adored @AndreaFaustini1's audition! He gave me goosebumps. Wasn't expecting that at all! & he's a dog lover! #YayPugMan
My leg is killing me :( It's so swollen & sore that I can't walk now. Getting me down :/ I could actually cry. What a crap day.
My wisdom tooth is killing me, I've been bitten by something & my leg has swollen up, I was punched in the eye & I've done my shoulder in 😩
Heard from his family that @JAYJAMESPICTON smashed XFactor. Can't wait to catch up with it later. Already know he has serious TALENT :D πŸ‘
Thank you to the lovely @lindapagan3 for sharing my ice bucket challenge. If anyone else wants to share go ahead :)
Wow. RTβ€œ@vickybeeching: β€œA scar is not an injury. A scar is a healing. After an injury, a scar is what makes you whole.” - China Mieville”
Return To Arendel Cast do the Ice Bucket Challenge :) Make sure to donate! I nominate anyone watching this. Thanks for the nominations @robbiejaycoplen & @collabroglobal :) #ALS #IceBucket #IceBucketCharity #Donation #Charity #Funny #Silly #Cold #Frozen #Disney #Elsa #Tour #Singing #Show #Music #Ann
That being said though, everyone makes mistakes, but she seems to be in a much better place in life now from what I've heard :)
Actually dying at Holly Jervais (or Jervis as she was then) on the XFactor best & worst show πŸ˜‚ What a girl...
You can hold steady in the midst of an emotional storm, even w... More for Leo
Tax stuff is stressful. What's the craic! #PerformanceWoes
Been bullied into re-downloading the messenger app. Facebook, you suck. Twitter, I love you.
Drinking neat rum & swilling it round my mouth every time I leave the stage because I have wisdom tooth pain... #3ShowDay
You have a good sense of what you need to do in order to incre... More for Leo
Been up since 4. So tired! They're looking after us very well in Carlisle though. I have the best job ever. I'm Anna!