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Meryn Nixon
@sashahughesx3 possibly :) you home? I'll text you Xx
@joehughes89 I've thought this my whole life!!
I'm cutting 7-12 inches of my hair off next year for The Little Princess Trust and raising money for @GreatOrmondSt…
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Your obsession with solving a mystery intensifies today when i... More for Leo
Day 21 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Okay okay it's another job related one but today I had the pleasure of doing a frozen party for my own family! Princess Maia is one of the most adorable, switched on kids I've ever met in my life. She can perform the whole of frozen better than we can &
Today I was told I should be in Les Mis or Phantom Of The Opera. This was while being Anna at a Frozen party & singing the songs. Mind blown
Iranian woman in the era before the Islamic revolution, 1960
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Frozen party for my family today! For this little superstar here: She's 3 but knows Frozen better than anyone! 💗❄️🎤👸✨
Day 20 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge I'll keep it short because I'm tired & a bit drunk. Tonight I went to watch some of my friends in Phantom Of The Opera & it was wonderful & they were wonderful & I am immensely proud :D #phantom #poto #phantomoftheopera #Christine #christinedaae #sopran
@samadders was absolutely wonderful!
Princess duties done for today! 💗❄️👸
Add me on @Snapchat if you want: Mezziii. It's mainly photos of my eyes looking ridiculous & my job... But still. Go for it :) #snapchat
@MrChrisPassey Happy birthday lovely! Hope you have a fantastic day xx
Meet & greets today! Fun fun fun :)
Casually scouting for my understudy 😂
Ellie Kendrick is such a cute Juliet :) I'm exhausted but for some reason I'm watching R&J at The Globe at 20 to 1 in the morning..
Day 19 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Back to being Anna today & I’m so glad, she’s my favourite character & she’s MINE. Was my first party at HQ today & it was lovely, like having a party in my second home. Basically this is another I LOVE MY JOB post 😊 #HQ #Marvellous #Disney #Frozen #An
Day 18 (yesterday) of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Okay so this is a standard day at the office for us... Just absolutely mental. I love my job & the team & can't wait for rocky horror this time next week! Also had a lovely night with one of my mates, haven't laughed like that in a long time
😂 RT@PoshPigeonDMFF: Scrolling Facebook and@jakkimooree /@beggarstheatree posts a poster with@DramaQueenMerynn's face on it#famousexwifee"
Had the most ridiculously brilliant night :) Just mental.
Off to rocky horror rehearsals! Woo :)
@samadders I've heard it's wonderful, just struggling to find time x
@samadders Don't know yet dearest, been crazy busy but maybe tomorrow night or fri if I can get tickets
@GentlyWeeping For the moment that is a secret, but watch this space ;)
Gonna be seeing a lot of @mattcardle this Christmas! ;) 🙊
Day 17 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge This is a silly one but I took a bit of time out today to do ridiculous things to my nails & be a little bit girly :) #Nails #Nailpolish #NailArt #Polkadots #Dots #Brown #Hazel #Gold #Glittery #Shimmery #Sparkly #autumn #autumnal #Warm #girly #girl
So... I'm playing Janet in Rocky Horror next Friday... Umm, wow.
My phone just corrected 'anything' to 'any eggnog' 😂 Dying.
As if it's been a year since I went to see Propeller with @sebastianchew! Merchant Of Venice was fabulous!
The noise level in your hectic life kicks up another notch tod... More for Leo
Okay, someone fancy being a princess for the day & covering one of my RTA tour shows in Nov so I can go watch @AddamsFamilyGSA? Pleasee?
@DramaQueenMeryn You must come! Our door is always open...Lurch hasn't fixed the lock yet. #WelcomeToTheFamily
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Can't handle how much I wanna see @AddamsFamilyGSA! You'll smash it @dannylane94! :D Jealous of @SamanthaEThomas! #AlwaysWantedToBeWednesday
Day 16 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge After a day at Marvellous HQ my boss sent me home with a glitter tattoo kit & told me to start practicing so we could offer it as an add on. I love anything sparkly & girly & pretty. I spent most of my childhood doing stuff like this as I absolutely lov
It's crazy how many Disney princess statuses I've put over the last few years ;)…
How did I live before I discovered depop?! :') Love it!
The energy is rather exciting today, but you can get so caught... More for Leo
Day 15 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Feeling a bit under the weather today so my fluffy blanket has been my saviour :) #ill #tired #fluffy #blanket #red #snuggly #sleepy #fluffy #warm #chilled #lazyday
@DerekDarker What a brilliant plug! ;) Completely forgot you'd released your EP now! :D
Itunes has been wiped. Good bands/Singers/Albums anyone?
@CarrieHFletcher Ridiculous. Every time I've meet you you're genuinely lovely & humble. Don't know 1 person who hasn't experienced the same.