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Meryn Nixon
How are we all doing today? Talk to me, Twitter. I have a short break between my shows & my Abba rehearsal. Let's have a catch up!
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@DramaQueenMeryn Really appreciate this Meryn Thanks so much and have a superb Christmas if you celebrate it Warmly Aindre
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@aindrereeceshee Awesome :) Shared! Hope you're well!
@DramaQueenMeryn Hi Meryn 1st Christmas CD available All 4Charity Do please download/Share with UR crew & friends…
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I constantly have Disney songs in my head. Better still, it's my job to have Disney songs in my head :') This week mixed with abba though...
This is lovely & clever & true. Read it. “@jonnyvickers: Hey ladies, this is what your husband really thinks of you:…
More abba rehearsals :)
I'm in Asia and I have still managed to find an English Book Shop and buy a book... Meryn would be proud 😂
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Listening to endless ABBA today in preparation for my ABBA show on Saturday. Thought I knew all the words to all their songs... I don't.
...the power to get home all along, she just needed to realise it/someone to tell her :) (Trust me to turn that into a stagey thing!)
...boost I need to make changes that I should've made sooner, instead of sticking it out. Like at the end of Wizard Of Oz, where she had...
Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly relying on 2015 to change my life. It's still just another day, but I think it'll give me the...
Not usually one for putting all my hopes on New Year as a big cathartic event, but this year I really am. New start. Big changes. Bring it!
@mars_stu Much better than I was, thank you! :)
Don't like to admit it but I really love the new One Direction song! The video is so cringey though. Well, at least until the funny end bit.
Small percentage of the pics I've been given recently. If I really was Anna, Arendelle would be covered in them! 😂
So much shopping to do & so little time 😩 I've also got baking to do & events to prep for & I need a girly day dress shopping & PRESENTS.
@Vanquishgirls @BANKfashion @michkeegan That's gorgeous Becky! WANT. You look stunning, hope you had a good night x
Lots of fun being Anna for a Frozen merch launch tonight. Now = super sleepy Meryn! Need to get up early for my ONLY Xmas shopping day 2moz!
@joehughes89 Oh dear lord Joe... hahaha! :')
Princessing again tonight for the opening of a new Frozen range tonight. Fun fun fun :)
Aww @CarrieHFletcher's video with @jonnyvickers is adorable. Getting a cheeky little twitter plug in the end 😂#ImTheGrandparentOfMyTourTooo
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@joehughes89 Hopefully start of new year like Jan/Feb time darl! :) x
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@joehughes89 Actually laughed out loud at this :')
RT"@joehughes89: I don't have any Christmas wrapping paper just pink 'happy birthday' paper. I'll write 'Jesus' after it to save on budget"
Catching up on #XFactor from Sat. Interesting how they showed Andrea & Lauren when mentioning bottom 2 then they ended up in Sun's bottom 2.
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Absolutely can't wait for the L5Y movie to come out.
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@Dawn_Ashlea Sorry I didn't stay & chat but I'm so ill & was on the verge of keeling over or throwing up on everyone xD
@Dawn_Ashlea Aww thank you! Was lovely to see you!
@DramaQueenMeryn is brilliant I'm a volunteer and I think I'm enjoying this more than the kids ha
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So so ill. Still vomiting & passing out. Just did a visit & it took everything I had not to throw up on everyone.
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