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Meryn Nixon
Love this! Who'd have thought it would be my job a year on! :') #timehop #Mum #princess #Disney #disneyprincess #Job #singing #dancing #acting
Love this! Who'd have thought it would be my job a year on! :')…
@DramaQueenMeryn I think I found something that could explain your recent chair based discovery... @drunkfurniture
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Day 7 of #100HappyDays #100happydayschallenge I've had a lovely day with Lauren! There are 2 things that really amused me today though... This morning I was reminded just how absolutely mental my town is. We're on our way to brunch & we see an armchair balancing on a parking sign. Standard barrow. I
Day 6 (Yesterday) of #100HappyDays #100happydayschallenge Well earned night of cocktails & loveliness with this one :) We're kindred spirits & I love that :) #Cocktails #Pitchers #NightOut #Friends #BestFriends #KindredSpirits #funny
@OliverEvans85 It was absolutely wonderful. All the best for the rest of the tour x
You can't help but feel enthusiastic about your future as the ... More for Leo
Oh my god... Blackmilk have a whole 'Princesses & Villains' range. 😍
@danjor41 Totally. This must be what other people feel like. It's naughty.
@danjor41 I'm not proud of my actions.
@danjor41 I was throwing out an awful lot of 'flip' & 'sugar'... It got nasty,
Problem is, I actually can't walk now. At all. Which doesn't normally happen... This pain is not going away...
Stood on an upturned plug. All the swear words. All of them. 😭😫😤😖😵😑🔫
Still love this from A Moveable Feast :) #timehop #hemingway #AMoveableFeast #literature
Photo: dramaqueenmeryn: Day 5 of #100HappyDays #100happydayschallenge This is a photo of my mum. I was...
@jimbox2804 Thank you so much. I know it didn't seem like much but it was so important to me :)
@DramaQueenMeryn thank you for sharing that. It's beautiful xxx
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Day 5 of #100HappyDays #100happydayschallenge This is a photo of my mum. I was about 2 at the time I think. Someone once said to me "if you always treat your mum as a mum & always just see your mum as your mum you'll miss out on a wonderful friend you didn't realise you had" Me & mum have always b
Day 4 (yesterday) of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Had a lovely night with one of my oldest, bestest friend. Haven't laughed that much in a long time. Ended up in a karaoke bar wearing my winter coat & knocking everyone out with my massive bag but oh well 👌 Also learnt about the wonders of #
@CharlCharles_ @joetracini Everyone definitely loves Joe :) He is leaving though haha. I'm not saying you'll be the new Dennis but.. ;) 😎
@sashahughesx3 I'll have to private message you for the moment ;) Are you home in november?
Hope your Hollyoaks interview went well @CharlCharles_! Could be a case of @joetracini leaving & then you joining xD
Day 3 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge I'm drunk so I'll keep it short. I had a lovely night with some people I've not seen in quite a while. Now I'm going to bed :)
@joetracini I forgot you were leaving! All the best with whatever you do in the future lovely x
@jaisdead ...we see it as this cathartic time marking the start of doing things we could've done at any point. I'm good. It's been too long!
@jaisdead I saw the tweets following it & I actually agree. It doesn't magically change your life, you have to put the work in. I guess...
I now have a tiny purple plait in my massive mane of brown hair. I also have purple hands. And a purple sink.
@jaisdead Well that's nice ;) How are you Jamie? :P x
Winter hat is out. As is my Beatles hoodie. Have we skipped autumn? 😕 Grumpy teen angst face suitable for all
Incredibly jealous that both GSA & my old college are doing The Addams Family... One day I will sing 'Pulled'... #OhHighBeltWhereHaveYouGone
Day 2 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge I went back to my old college to watch & help out some of my friends with their Shakespeare piece. It was so good & I was so proud of them :) Been really lovely to see friends & teachers I haven't seen in a very long time. When I was on my way out of the
Day 1 of #100happydays #100happydayschallenge Today I got to see one of my closest friends & have a little sing which was lovely :) Also, looking through my timehop it showed me that 2 years ago today I put a tweet about wishing I was performing as a job instead of waitressing... Now, I am! So that
I have a blood blister :( Thanks guitar -.-
I'm doing it this time! #100happydays #100happydayschallenge
Might start my #100HappyDays today. Recently I've just been focusing on bad things & wallowing in self pity. Let's look for the good stuff!
The stagiest person I know is coming home from Ibiza this time next week! So buzzed about @MrTomMelling coming back! #TheJackToMyKaren
2 years ago: Pretending I was performing instead of waitressing. Now it's my reality. #SoThankful
@PoshPigeonDMF yeah! I thought that's what it was haha... Ohhh I get it now! because I said "you're killing me here" 😂
@PoshPigeonDMF you're killing me here 😂
@sashahughesx3 I'm so glad i brought him into your world 😂 Miss you too! I'll see you soon yeah? Xx
@sashahughesx3 Hahaha! It's worrying that you type houchen more than you ;)
@DramaQueenMeryn nightingale, doctor dingo, flamingo, FLAAAMIIIINNGOOOOOO
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