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Meryn Nixon
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@samadders No joke I feel sorry for everyone in Lancaster today šŸ˜‚ I can only imagine šŸ˜‚
Too tired to function.
@beckyvanquish You guys must be exhausted! Did you stay over in Barrow last night or commute? x
@beckyvanquish @EverYoungUK That's crazy! How long did it take you? Where were you going back to? X
Looking forward to my week off before my ridiculous December schedule... Genuinely a little bit scared šŸ˜‚
@beckyvanquish @EverYoungUK ...shame we only got to meet in passing! x
@beckyvanquish @EverYoungUK I know, crazy turnout right? Such a buzz :) Went really well thank you, loved it :) I am a bit thank you...
@beckyvanquish @EverYoungUK Did you guys leave before the after party? We had to get back too, was gutted :/ How'd your set go? X
Great end to a fantastic day!! Thank you to everyone who came along the crowd was huge!
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I am ridiculously sweaty after 2 parties & the switch on. Been in my costume all day. Apologies to anyone that encountered me today šŸ˜‚
My understudy did last night's switch on for me when I was ill. People today asked me why I didn't recognise them from last night. #Awks
Had a wonderful night at the Lancaster switch on! Thanks so much for having us Lancaster & @TheBayOfficial!
The Return to Arendel has come all the way to Lancaster!
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The view from the green room window... Look at the crowds! #LancasterSwitchOn
Lancaster light switch on was crazy. Great crowd! Lovely to hang out with @GeoffMullMusic & @PaulAkister tonight too.
2 parties done! Now off to go do the Lancaster light switch on :)
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@TheBayOfficial That's because RTA is the best show in the world ever ;)
@GeoffMullMusic Hope tonight went well! Is it true you're doing Lancaster tomorrow now too? :)
Hope tonight went well for @KingslandRd @GabzOfficial @Vanquishgirls @EverYoungUK @mattcardle :) Feeling better so see you all tomorrow!
Music makes everything better :)
Sad I'm too ill to do tonight's switch on. Hope my replacement is having fun with @GeoffMullMusic @Vanquishgirls @EverYoungUK & @mattcardle
Rachel Potter's version of 'Pulled' is the best ever. Ooh, & Carrie's!
I wanna be Cathy in L5Y, Wednesday in The Addams Family, Eponine (& Cosette) in Les Mis, Glinda in Wicked, Mimi (& Maureen) in Rent. CAST ME
New header photo, yay yay :)
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Following @CarrieHFletcher's tweets is getting me so excited for @twotwofficial next Sunday! :D
I've got to 21 years old without realising it's spelt fuLfilled & not fufilled... How has this happened?! #Fulfilled
@DramaQueenMeryn sorry you can't do the light switch on! Know how much you were looking forward to it. Hopefully quick recovery!
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Sad to announce I'm unable to do the Barrow switch on now due to illness. Hopefully will be be better to do Lancaster
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@DramaQueenMeryn Hope you're better and wowing the crowds again soon!
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I'm still in a very bad way but will try to do the switch ons if I can.
Thanks for all the support guys, I'm much better now I'm out of hospital. Worried it may affect my weekend of switch ons though..
@curtis_matthew1 Just very unwell & it hit a point where my doctors called an ambulance x
I want to hug them. ā€œ@girlposts: these are shampooed, conditioned, and blow dried cows šŸ˜ā€
Wasn't expecting to spend today in hospital on a drip & nebuliser mask. First time in an ambulance too.