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Eric A. Meyer
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@larry_hynes @meyerweb MacDown is a nice open source alternative - Aims to be very similar to Mou
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@meyerweb I have... reservations. Already donated, ages ago, with a promise of 1.0 license. I'm just not sure. Perhaps being cynical.
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The really lovely OS X Markdown editor @Mou just launched a crowdfunding campaign to reach v1.0:…
I used to pretty much always pick being responsible over indulging. I have a harder time deciding these days. (Today, indulging won.)
More #Shellshock related patched added to Apply now with handy one liner: `curl -sL | zsh`
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I still have trouble believing that Kat and I held our child as she died.
A programming language where no number can ever be treated or evaluated as a Boolean for any reason.
“Fezzik, Fezzik, listen. Do you hear? That is the sound of ultimate suffering.” No. No, it isn’t.
Knockout cover of “All About That Bass”, played on upright bass and sung in the style of Lady Day by @katedavismusic:
If, like me, you want to choose a software license privately and at your own speed, Choose A License is really nice:
Kat read the prayers of mourning tonight at dinner, her voice hoarse but unbroken. I was deeply proud, sad, and humbled, all at once.
“How to patch OS X for the bash/Shellshock vulnerability” @TUAW (With _big_ thanks to @MikeTRose for his help.)
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I feel like there’s a word that succinctly describes this sort of thing, maybe somewhere in the Constitution.…
“Gravity Wars Redux”; or, how I learned some canvas and JS by recreating a classic video game.
I was just about to ask for opinions on software licenses when I realized what would happen. So I repeatedly punched myself instead.
I’m just gonna leave this here for @beep, with apologies to everyone listed in his Contacts:…
“Presence and the Gift”—how Rebecca’s cancer and death both reinforced and changed my parenting for the better.
“Why did I put her in time out? What did it matter? I knew she only had days left. Why did I do that?” “Because she wasn’t an only child.”
I’ve tried a few times to organize a post about 'rebeccapurple'. I can’t seem to make it come together. Too much, too complex.
Giving a big wave to all y’all #aeaaus folks. Rustle up some awesome, pardners.
Okay, technically it was an old Amiga game, but my only encounter with it was the DOS port.…
The code resembles an all-you-can-eat pasta bar, but nevertheless, as of just a few minutes ago, I successfully remade an old DOS game.
“How many kids do you have?“ say three it’s three it should be three for three years it was three you have to say three just say “Two.”
“Mommy, why does it keep hurting more that Rebecca is gone and not less?”
The frightening part of all the paperwork involved in Kat’s father’s estate is that he made sure his estate was very well organized.
It’s a lot easier to process memories and events that carry specific gratitude and contextual regret than it is for the converse.
Meanwhile, said code contains a function called shotsFired().
Response to last night’s code tweet ran 2:1 in favor of shipping spaghetti. Such pragmatists.
Tonight my code reached the point where I can add another helping of spaghetti to finish it or refactor everything to be clean and shiny.
Today I learned that while loops and setInterval() just won’t splice.
If you believe Google, I am literally the first person in the history of the Internet to use the word “swearricades”. This makes no sense.
Once again, the cancer-patient-as-warrior-hero narrative leads to unthinking injury. I’m about ready to join @xeni on the swearricades.
As I wait on interminable hold, the Muzak busts out a light-jazz version of “I Ain’t Got Nobody” and I realize I’m being trolled hard.
While we wait for browser fixes, here’s a cross-browser vertical range slider: input[type="range"] {transform: rotate(-90deg);}
I often wonder if I should. It seems wrong to lack rage over her death, somehow. Perhaps it’s yet to come; I don’t know.
Before I had kids, I thought that if my child died, I would regain belief in God so I’d have a target for my rage. Instead, I have no rage.
Some days, my cellular service makes me feel like Gorman trying to get through to Apone.
I’m not sure if writing code (that actually works!) this past weekend was therapeutic, exactly, but it was certainly distracting.
“Given my family’s cancer history, it’s probably for the best that we’re adopting. I just hope I live to see them grow up.” —me, early 2003
As Queen Elsa’s last breath dissipated, her wrinkled hand slipped from Olaf’s twig. His gaze rose from her face to the cloud over his head.
Dell has shipped me the exact same incorrect model of replacement monitor twice. Heckuva job, Dell.
I’m occasionally surprised by the depth of my antipathy to single points of failure.
“What do you want to be when you grow up, Joshua?” “I want to be an astronaut!” “Very cool.” “So I can fly up to heaven and see Rebecca.”
Got an answer to the DOM-regex question that works for my case. Thanks, everyone!
I need help: a JS script that crawls through a DOM tree and does regex search/replace on element text. Googled several examples; none WFM.
Seventeen minutes, six transfers, and then the warranty guy disconnected me mid-conversation. Heckuva job, Dell.
We want so much to be the superheroes our kids believe us to be, but we aren’t. There are no superheroes. There is only us.