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Eric A. Meyer
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I keep trying to express our torment and failing. The words do not exist, may never exist. Even if they did, I’m not sure I could find them.
This afternoon, without prompting, my five-year-old daughter, sobbing, willed her Cinderella’s Castle playset to her younger brother.
@meyerweb I prefer 0.3mm mechanical pencils and narrow rule paper. #mundanesecret
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Of course, confessing to things like fidelity and empathy is probably just as shocking and titillating as everything else on there.
Thinking of joining Secret just to post mundane confessions. “I’ve never cheated on my wife.” “I love to see people be happy.” Like that.
Finally realized why I wasn’t getting the new Flickr app update: it’s iOS 7 only. My iPhone 4S and I will just have to live without it. #sob
More and more often, our decisions are being guided by which choice we’ll be most able to live with, years from now.
So you say this update is “Critical”, Microsoft AutoUpdate? Really? I would never have guessed that.
What’s the opposite of “dayenu”?
So many doors seem to open, only to be revealed to be optical illusions. Paging Dr. Wile E. Coyote.
I am shocked—SHOCKED—to discover that ASCAP’s web site is impenetrably user-hostile to licensees. SHOCKED, I say.
Comment spam submitted for…: “Yes! Finally someone writes about interior design for kids.” #thanksfornoticing
If you’re a Flickr friend, mild apologies for the flood of St. Baldrick’s photos. For everyone else, apologies for the snow photos.
Confirmed: Joshua calls Shaker Square “Chinatown”. We don’t know why, and we honestly don’t care because it is SO DAMN CUTE.
“I’m headed up to bed. I can tell you’ll be up for another hour, so good night.” “No no, I’ll be up soon.” That was an hour ago.
Of course, I still have like a month of photos from before that trip that have yet to be uploaded.
I took exactly 2,500 pictures and videos on the Disney trip. A brutal culling process has left me with 339 marked for Flickr upload.
Our toaster has a “Frozen” button and every time I push it, I sing in my head “Let it toast, let it toast…”
This is literally the most misleading chart I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of charts.…
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Our new mantra: “Today she’s okay.”
Spam-flagged a trackback partly for the content of the originating post, but mostly for its pointless overuse of custom fonts.
Kind of weirded out by the callback to “The Matrix” at the top of Spaceship Earth.
Coffee cups at brunch are like banner ads on the web: oppressively ubiquitous and automatically filtered out by my visual cortex.