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High intensity interval training every second week maintains VO2max in soccer players
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HIT more effective than continuous exercise in controlling blood glucose after a meal
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do # of HIIT reps make a difference? I believe so = continual lack of muscle homeostasis, new study in support:
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New from @gibalam - the interval in HIIT matters: intermittent stimulus promotes muscle adaptation -
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2 weeks of HIT is just as effective as standard endurance training in improving VO2 kinetics. Our new paper.…
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High-intensity interval training: Is it really the holy grail of exercise? @gibalam's article in @globeandmail
New study cautions using Vit C & E supplements during steady state and High Intensity Interval Training for endurance
Continuous exercise but not High Intensity Interval Training improves fat distribution in overweight adults #NewStudy
Dr James Morton 'HIIT is highly effective in promoting training adaption & health but may not the best form of exercise for fat loss' #ISSN
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Fitness benefits for footballers dribbling a ball instead of regular running during high intensity interval training
Just 6 high intensity interval training sessions over 2 weeks can bring health benefits to adolescent boys #NewStudy
Intermittent hypoxic training with high intensity intervals effectively improves aerobic capacity at sea level
High Intensity Training with short intervals induces superior adaptations compared with long intervals in cyclists
New study monitors effect of High Intensity Interval Training on Postprandial Triacylglycerol & Leukocyte Activation
Very low-volume high-intensity interval training improves exercise capacity & mitochondrial protein content #NewStudy
New study asks 'Continuous and High-Intensity Interval Training: Which Promotes Higher Pleasure?'
Effect of short-term HIT & continuous moderate-intensity training on cardiac function in young, healthy men #NewStudy
New paper studies the different benefits of active & passive recovery following high intensity interval training #HIT
Is high-intensity interval training effective in improving performance? Recent review in Scan J Med Sci Sports
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Congrats to @MetapredictFP7's Tine Dohlmann and Morten Hindsø for completing their Masters thesis on effects of HIT
Beta-alanine supplements found to have positive effects on motivation during High Intensity Interval Training block
New study shows high-intensity cycle interval training improves cycling and running performance in triathletes #HIT
High intensity interval training may cause greater post-exercise thirst than continuous training.…
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New research suggests any form of high-intensity uphill interval training will benefit 5-km time-trial performance.