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Metal Mulisha
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We have the most BAD ASS fans ever! Thanks to you all for continuting to tag #metalmulisha in all your photos. We saw some pretty insane stuff that went down over the weekend! Keep all the MM Troop photos coming we'll post the best ones.
Thankful that the #MetalMulisha Maidens design some insane bikini's for all you ladies.
Retweet if you hate Mondays! Lets bring back Friday and go big again. Check out all our stuff on
Well it's Shark Week and everyones ready to get scared shitless again! How is this shot of Nick @dunne780 and this huge fin grab.
Well it's #SharkWeek & everyones ready to get scared shitless! How is this shot of @Dunne780 & this huge fin grab.
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@sethenslow11 is blasting our good buddy @gkc4life. Hit up Enslow if you need any fresh ink and pickup his signature tee at your local M/M retailer.
@langersbmx laying down a huge Seat Grab at La Poma! See more of Paul on our website at
We're going big at the Art-N-Ink festival in Las Vegas! Make sure you come out and watch @jfitzo @mattbuyten @ssfmx put on a huge @fitzarmyfmx demo today and tomorrow! Check out the banner or our website for all the details and we'll see you all there!
Happy Birthday to the bad ass himself, @toddpotter1! Make sure to give Potter a follow and wish him a good one!
Get the 2014 Surfercross update with @danpastorfmx @garlandfmx @ronniefaisst and @mattbuyten at
Get the latest update with @_jayy6_ and @lukeclout4 on our @sercoyamaha #metalmulisha MX team at
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Get the Day 1 & 2 2014 Sufercross update with @garlandfmx @mattbuyten @ronniefaisst and @danpastorfmx at
Who can come up with the best caption on this one....
#TBT at #xgames with @colin_scummy_morrison @briandeegan38 @vdcheathens @twitchthis1 @popeofwelding and @ackerman81. Can anyone guess what year this was?
#metalmulisha maiden @jessicalynxo sent this photo over for Hump Day. Doesn't get any hotter than this.
Happy Hump Day! @metalmulishamaidens most finest @miss_jessica_lyn sent over this pic from her recent shoot with @mbell75. See more of Jess on our website at
@jfitzo is on his way to Vegas with @mattbuyten and @ssfmx for a huge @fitzarmyfmx demo this Friday Saturday and Sunday at the Art-N-Ink tattoo festival! Check out the flyer for details and we'll see you all there!
Day 2 of the #Surfercross2014 is about to go down at San Onofre State Beach. @fmf73 made some badass awards so let's hope @garlandfmx @ronniefaisst @danpastorfmx or @mattbuyten can take one home!
Day 1 of the 2014 Surfercross is complete! @garlandfmx @ronniefaisst @mattbuyten and @danpastorfmx laid it down today at Milestone MX Park. Day 2 kicks off tomorrow at San Onofre with a morning surf contest. Full photo update coming soon to ( rider: @garlandfmx / photo: @shaneruiz
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We're out at SURFERCROSS at Milestone MX Park with @ronniefaisst @mattbuyten @garlandfmx @danpastorfmx getting ready to Moto! Full update coming soon to