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Matt Rudd
Sarah Hyland trips and f-bomb is hot! Congrat for winning Teen Choice Awards! #SarahHyland #TeenChoiceAwards
Trump, emails are not criminals dumbass! You fail #DonaldTrump #Clinton
I wish Twitter could change 140 tweet thing cuz it's not long enough! how about 1000 tweet longer! #Twitter
American Academy Pedatrics shut up about pacifiers and age is just a number! Leave David Beckham's kid alone!
Teachers stop giving kids too much homework and that's child abuse! #teachers #toomuchhomework #kids #CNN
@JennaSENPAI actually she don't work for them because she is a fake and have no job either. She is just a ugly old hag!
it's no wonder that people are blind because Steven Speilberg photo with dinosaur is a friggin robot! duhhhh! #jurasicworld
@thetekamlesh121 who are you talking to ? go away pervert
Richard Lee is an fucking idiot! Kurt Cobain was not murdered dumbass! #KurtCobain #Nirvana
@gyabo_girl holy chocolate! that shirt is awesome ! :O
Tom Brady destroyed his phone ? BUSTED! epic fail loser and U ain't playing game anymore! #TomBrady #DeflateGate
Did Lebron James masturbate at NBA Finals ? LOL!!!!! #LebronJames #NBAFinals #SportsCenter
Kerry King you need to shut the hell up and get over it. You talk way too much everyday and quit complaining! #kerryking
Dear @dailymotion You need to get html5 and get rid of adobe flash player because the video keeps lagging so much!
@sabrefan09 what a racist motherfucker
a fan sniff Colin Farrell on Kimmel show is fake! Jimmy Kimmel is a dumbass and his tv show must be shut down. #Kimmel
Taylor Swift did copy 2NE1's "come Back home" ! Taylor is a fake and always copy every band's music! #TaylorSwift #2NE1
.@BABYMETAL_JAPAN on the cover of Metal Hammer! In stores this Tuesday!
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Neil deGrasse Tyson, you fail and go back to 1st grade school and learn science again. Pluto is a planet! #PlutoFlyby
Donald Trump, shut the fuck up! nobody is listening to you cuz you are annoying! #DonaldTrump
Instagram done right! banned #curvy #skinny cuz it's nasty ! Instagram is not a porn site idiot! #instagram
Tune into @ScuzzTV this Saturday & Sunday, 2pm & 9pm (Uncensored) for the Premiere of The Lowdown @DownloadFest 2015.
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Hello Pluto! Welcome to Earth :) Don't listen to NASA cuz they never learned. #PlutoFlyby #PlutoTime
Catfish is not a Loch Ness Monster idiot! #LochNessMonster #Catfish
Ant-Man is stupid! They stole the idea from HoneyIShrunkTheKids movie. #antmanmovie #AntManPremiere #comingsoon
@MetalHammer @BABYMETAL_JAPAN I already order one and can't wait to get my hand on it :)
@PhiliMUA @MetalHammer @BABYMETAL_JAPAN it is real and I already order one already :) Babymetal rules!!!!!!
Pluto is a planet and always have been since God created it! #NASANewHorizons #NASA #PlutoFlyby #PlutoTime @NASA @NASANewHorizons
Trump said he is worth more than $10 million ? LOL! im dying >_< what a liar ! #DonaldTrump
Pluto Planet is REAL! NASA fails cuz they think Pluto don't exist. There are 9 planets duh! #PlutoTime #NASA
People stop stealing cofederate flag from their property you asshole! it's illegal and you will get shot ! (cont)
Pope thinks Nae Nae is a devil worship LOL! thanks for a laugh dumb comedian! #PopeFrancis
@gyabo_girl awesome! you are pretty :)
R.Kelly, you are a pervert too and shut the fuck up! Leave Bill Cosby alone! #BillCosby
Babymetal is NOT teaming up with Ladybaby because it's not true. #BABYMETAL #ladybaby
Bought a German teen magazine for a BABYMETAL poster.
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